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Recruiting: Interview with QB Loranzo Hammonds

I had a chance to talk with quarterback Loranzo Hammonds from South Carolina. I put together a little Q&A from our interview. As most of you know, Hammonds is one of FIU's verbal commitments this year.

Q. How did you hear about FIU?

A. When I was sending out my type. I sent out my tape to all the schools in Florida. Since I've been a little kid, I've wanted to play in the state of Florida. When they offered to me, it was a big dream come true to me since I'd have the chance to play football in Florida.

Q. What is it about Florida?

A. I like the weather, the state itself. The culture down there.

Q. Football in Florida?

A. The state has some of the finest athletes in the sport of football. It will give me a chance to showcase my stuff.

Q. What is your style of play?

A. Duel threat. I can do both easy [pass and run]. I'd rather throw a touchdown before I run, though.

Q. Have you seen FIU play?

A. I watched them play in the bowl game. They run the same type of offense we run.

Q. You feel pretty comfortable in the spread?

A. Yes, sir!

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Q. Talk about your high school career?

A. It was great for me. I did a lot of great things with my team. I won a lot of individual awards. It's been a big part of my career. For me to extend my career is even better.

Q. Have you always been a quarterback?

A. Always played quarterback.

Q. How long have you been playing ball?

A. Since I was five.

Q. Any other sports?

A. Baseball, football and basketball when I was younger. I played basketball in high school. I was a shooting guard.

Q. Whats your proudest achievement playing football?

A. When we won our region championship. We fell off in the state semifinals.

Q. What is it about football you like?

The contact it brings.

Q. Major?

A. Physical therapy

Q. What do you like to do for fun?

A. Play video games. Madden, I pick the Eagles.

Q. Favorite NFL player?

A. Michael Vick

Q. What do you run the 40-yard dash in?

A. 4.5.

Size, weight?

A. 6-0, 185.

Q. What do you like the most about your game?

Q. My decision making. I can make pretty good decision. I was over 70 percent my junior and senior years.

Q. How was you visit?

A. The campus us really nice, they have a variety of things you can do down there. It was just the state of Florida that caught my eye.

Q. Offers from other schools

A. I narrowed it down to Georgia Tech, Appalachian State and FIU.

Q. What did you like about FIU over GT or Appalachian State?

A. I like they ran the same offense we ran in high school. The quarterback coach is really excited about me. They said they'll give me the chance to compete.

Q. Any family members play college or pro?

A. Cousin CoCo Hillary is going to the NFL. This was his last year at Appalachian State.



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