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Leonard, Maxey enroll at FIU

The Golden Panthers are simply on a roll.

In the last few days, FIU has earned commitments from offensive lineman Prince Matt (Bradenton Manatee) and Elijah Maxey (Jacksonville Raines) -- and got back a familiar name: former Killian standout Richard Leonard.

Leonard had signed with the Panthers last year, but didn't qualify academically. He has since made the necessary grades, and is enrolled in classes.

Maxey, a three-star recruit, is on campus too, having graduated early. He picked FIU despite offers from Duke and Illinois, and interest from Ohio State and Georgia Tech.

Both Maxey and Leonard are now part of the team and can participate in spring practice, even though they are considered part of the Class of 2011.

Matt, however, cannot. He's set to sign his letter of intent next week, and join the team with rest of the freshmen in the fall. FIU coaches got an up-close look at the 6-foot-4, 260-pound guard when Manatee lost at St. Thomas Aquinas in the Class 5A semifinals last month.

With Leonard and Maxey on board, that gives FIU nine three-star recruits, the most in the Sun Belt and just one fewer than the University of Miami, which also has a four-star recruit in Anthony Chickillo.


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don't try and compare UMs class to FIU.

J your the typical um hater. FIU is doing good and you go about trolling the FIU site making negative comments about the programs, fact is the class is very comparable. The school and conference, ill give you that, but give it some time and that may one day change.

FIU fans actually attended the school.

Not saying you didnt, but ... odds are ...

I agree with J, such a comparison would be disrespectful to FIU consideration the clearly opposite directions the two programs are heading.


Great news! Im excited with the amount of talent coming to the program. Beasley can compare recruiting classes, especially being that not alot separates them.


Grew up in Miami and go to FIU. I'm just saying don't compare based on stars. And how many of these guys have offers from schools like Miami, not too many. Does FIU have a good class, very much so, prob the best since MC has been here and the Orlando hiring will only solidify the improvements FIU is making to become a major program. Im not ripping anyone here, just stating opinion. Fact is I support the schools athletic program just like most that roam the boards. This is the only negative thing I've potentially posted, so before you shoot off about being a hater because I come with a valid point, think again.

Don't care based on stars? What do you want to compare on GPA? Community service hours.

Sorry to break it to you but all classes are compared to each other based on number of stars and average stars of incoming players. see ESPN / Rivals / Scouts

Offers from schools like "Miami".. what does that mean? Schools that have been on the decline and are barely even relevant anymore? This isnt the 1980s where UM was dominant. Right now TCU and Boise are way more relevant than UM has been in 9 years.

But in the end, I think you do have one point J.

Please stop comparing us to UM. We are on different paths and the constant need to tie everything back to UM is sickening

Richard Leonard is a huge pickup for FIU. I expect him to step right in and compete for Anthony Gaitor's vacant cornerback job. He's also a dangerous return man and could succeed T.Y. Hilton when he graduates.

that's not what I'm saying, try and rethink this one thru buddy. Doesn't matter the star ranking system. just bc ur given a specific star next to ur name doesn't mean a thing, its about coaching evals. and coaching kids up to get the max potential that fit your system. Teams like Boise St. and TCU are doing this with kids that are not high on these ranking services. When learning to make an argument try coming with some validity.

Bring on the BEEEEFFF!!! Love to see those O-lineman on campus.

I agree with J. The star system is vastly overrated. It's nice for entertainment purposes and fun to talk about. When these kids report for fall camp, those stars mean nothing. Everybody starts from square one. The most important thing is bringing in the right kids who fit your system and philosophy and also develop them with good coaching. That's why programs like Boise State and TCU are successful.

fpl, TCU and Boise are more relevant than UM over the past 8 years (you're still relevant if you're losing the championship game off an undefeated season) but UM was one of the top teams over three decades of football and have already established their program and FIU has never been nationally relevant and is an entire conference change away from even having a chance to be.

As far as stars go, four and five star recruits are almost always recruited by great programs, but there are thousands and thousands of three star recruits and only some of them are actually recruited by real teams.

Forget the fact that UM just changed their head coach a month ago or the multitude of former four and five star recruits they already have playing for them next year, a quick comparison on Scout or Rivals of which other schools recruited UM's three star recruits and which recruited FIU's recruits will illustrate the point J is trying to make.

Its all about the connections that the coaches have and the relationships they build on the recruiting trail. Look at Oregon, they have LaMichael James and he is the player the Oregon coaches point at when they recruit in Texas.
I think FIU should begin to open the recruiting trails out where there is a lot of national attention, for instants the DC metro area. You will find the players with size and the ability to play FBS football. Look at Arrelious Benn, DC highschool -> Illinois -> NFL

hi adam do you know if cedric walker is included in this recruiting class because rivals lists him as a FIU commitment.

By the way, all this talk of "relevance" is ridiculous. The way the BCS works only a handful of teams are really "relevant" in football terms for most of the season.

And in terms of people nationally paying attention to you, UM and all the other "traditional" programs already have all the relevance they'll ever need. Notre Dame sucks, but they're damn sure relevant. Same as USC, or Michigan, or Florida. People care what happens to UM, that's why everything they do gets on ESPN and why FIU fans feel like UM has to drop off the face of the earth before they'll ever get noticed.

FIU pumps out more than twice as many graduates as UM and they're mostly hispanic Miamians, not northeastern prep school kids. So do your own thing, build your own fanbase and enjoy the identity and the small victories, because if you keep predicating FIU's success on UM's failure you're going to be perennially disappointed.

Also about 9 "hates" attached to the previous posts.

Cedric Walker is an FIU verbal commit. He originally committed to Temple. But I think he wants to play with his half-brother Darian Mallary at FIU. Walker is a solid pickup. A lot of people project him as a defensive back. But he's also a very good running back and might get a shot on offense.

thank you for the info miami southpaw

thank you for the info miami southpaw

I can understand the FIU fans that want to compare FIU and UM, cross town rivals etc. but I just don't feel that is worth arguing because UM has had a football team for decades and FIU has had a football team for about a decade. Now I grew up a Nole fan so I love to bring UM down, I generally can not stand UM and I feel that they are in the same level as USF, UCF, heck this past season I saw them at the same level as FIU and FAU. But that's just me.

because if you keep predicating FIU's success on UM's failure you're going to be perennially disappointed.

Posted by: Buc Nasty | January 26, 2011 at 08:17 PM


This comment made me chuckle. I always thought "perennially" meant yearly, but I guess under Bucky boy's definition it just means once every decade. You learn something new every day from these super clever scUM fans on our little ole FIU blog.

Did I mention they're on this little ole FIU blog all the time. All. The. Time.


if cedric walker is a FIU commit why hasnt adam mentioned it in his article this morning?

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