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Recruiting: Interview with Gainsville LB Luis Rosado

I had the opportunity to interview Luis Rosado from Gainsville high school over the phone this morning. Rosado seems really excited about his chance to play college football for the Panthers. Below is a Q&A I put together.

Q. How did you hear about FIU?

A. My dad is really into college football and he was looking for schools that are the best for me. He would go on the internet and fill out questionnaires for all the schools in Florida. I’ve always wanted to play college football in Florida. I told him I really wanted to play down south. There are three schools down south, Miami, FAU and FIU. Before I knew it, FIU offered me last year during spring.

Q. Have you ever watched them play?

A. Oh, yeah! FIU is on the rise. They can only get better.

Q. How long have you been playing football?

A. Been playing since I was in 7th grade.

Q. What got you into football?

A. I was always an all around athlete. I played flag football for my middle school. I just liked it a lot and wanted full contact. I started playing for another middle school and I just enjoyed it a lot.

Q. Talk about your high school career?

 A. It’s been a crazy ride. My freshman and sophomore years I went to a private high school. I Played full back. It was a really small school. My sophomore year, me and my dad decided to transfer here [Gainsville high school] looking for an opportunity to get a scholarship. I transferred here and [Gainsville] coach [Ryan] Smith said nothing was given. I started at safety, I played my whole junior year at safety. We lost in the second round of the playoffs. My senior year, it was a crazy ride. We went to the final four and lost to Tallahassee. We all worked really hard for it. It was a heart breaker, but that’s how football is sometimes.

Q. How tall, how much do you weigh?

A. 6-2, 205 LB

Q. What is you time in the 40?

A. 4.5

Q. Describe your move from Full back, to safety and then line backer?

A. At my old school, there was no specific position for me. They decided to put me at full back. I was actually pretty good at it. When I came over here, there was a lot more competition. I just told coach Smith I wanted to come here and make an impact. He said I could play line backer. The switch was not a big deal for me. I could handle it. I like defense better. I don’t have to worry about fumbling.

Q. Did you play other sports in high school?

A. In high school, I played basketball and football. I used to play baseball but that got kind of boring for me. I decided to just stick with football.

Q. What is your major?

A. I’m not sure yet.

Q. Describe your playing style?

A. I just like to be fast and make contact. I think I’m one of the strongest people on the field. Way faster than the offensive line. Blitzing, Blitzing, Blitzing. I got nine sacks my senior year. I led the district in sacks.

Q. Individual awards?

A. I got defensive player of the year from the Gainsville Sun.

Q. Has your family always lived in Gainsville?

A. We’ve moved around a lot. We used to live down in West Palm Beach. My sister was born there. Then we moved up to Starke, Fla. for like 4 years. Then we moved to Gainsville for my middle school. We’ve been living in Gainsville for like 8 years now.

Q. Are you a Gators fan?

A. I’m a FIU fan. I don’t care about the Gators.

Q. Any family members play college sports or pro football?

A. No.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?

A. Listen to music, hang out with my friend, lift weights and just have a good time.

Q. Level of commitment?

A. I’m a Golden Panther already.

Q. Visit to campus?

A. It was pretty cool. The coaches and players showed me a lot of love down there. I felt I fit right into the program. I think it’s going to be a good four years for me.

Q. Ever been to Miami before?

A. I have family down there in Miami.

Rosado's highlight reel below.



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