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Recruiting: Corey Tindal: 'Yes, it’s official'

Just got off the phone with Boyd Anderson athlete Corey Tindal. Tindal assured me 100 percent his mind is made up and that he will be a Golden Panther next season.

"Yes, it’s official," Tindal said. "It’s been kind of crazy I think I made the right decision."

Tindal went on to say that he only made his mind up this morning. FIU has been after Tindal since he was a sophomore at Broward's Stranahan. Tindal pointed to FIU's persistence in recruiting him as being one of the factors in his decision.

"[FIU] stuck with me through the recruiting process," he said. "I'm happy with my pick. I don’t regret nothing about it."

Tindal, considered an athlete, played mostly running back this season. Tindal thinks he will keep playing offense for FIU, but nothing is set in stone.

"They're going to play me at offense," he said.

Tindal joins a solid 2011 recruiting class that is shaping up to be the best in the programs' young history. 

Tindal was third in Broward County with 1292 yards on 181 carries and 10 touchdowns.




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Nice Work Justin!

Welcome to FIU! We all look forward to seeing you on the football field the next 4 years.

Corey going to tear it up! Section 112 thanks you for coming to FIU!

Thanks for the 411.

Another very exciting prospect for FIU! lets go panthers!

OL Max Martial has committed to FIU according to ESPN. Welcome to FIU. Also, the Orlando Sentinel reported a few days ago that Nico Flores left UCF for another program (not FIU). And the same paper reported that FIU had recent offers to two separate Central Florida top 60 players.

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