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Recruiting update; live blog Q&A

According to scout.com, Miami Northwestern receiver Dominique Rhymes verbally commited to FIU on Dec. 30. Rhymes is listed at 6 foot 3 and 205. This season Rhymes caught 42 passes for 746 yads and 8 scores. Rhymes could be a valuable addition to an already stacked receiver core.

Update on Cato, Scout now lists Cato's commitment level as soft verbal.

Boyd Anderson corner back Corey Tindal verbally committed to FIU a few days before Rhymes. Tindal is listed at 5-10, 165. Scout lists Tindal as a corner back, even though Tindal played the majority of the year at running back, amassing 1292 yards and 10 TD.

News and notes

The FIU men's basketball team won its first conference and road game of the season, 73-72 over Louisiana-Monroe. Junior Jeremy Allen made a game-winning shot with less than a minute to play to power FIU (6-7). Full release here.

Responce to comments

@miami south paw, FIU has some nice O-line and D-linemen in waiting. Going to be hard to replace Serini. That might be one of the biggest factors next season. The center is the second most important job on the offensive line. Could argue it's the most important. Good to keep Caylin around for another year.

@miami south paw, I could see Revilla switching over, but still really hard to replace so much experience.

@MiamiSouthPaw, I have seen Medlock some in practice. Looks like a good sized player with good arm strength. It's going to be tough for Carroll to lose the starting job.

On the Cato front, there are some indications he is keeping his options open at the moment. That does not mean he won't commit on signing day. Always good to bring in more than one QB. A Juco player will be more polished than a kid out of high school.Q. SCOUT.COM Reports: FIU is ranked only FIVE spots below UM in the 2011 recruiting class, out of 120 schools.

@Quijote, Cristobal feels he is on the cusp of bringing in his best class ever. Going to be interesting to see if FIU can steal some players from Miami.




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I need to summarize the Bowl Season again since it was so great:

UF - Win
UCF- Win
USF - Win
FIU - Win

Ranking in the state:
1) FSU 2) UF 3) UCF 4) USF 5) FIU 6) FAU and UM tied

UM, no bowl win, no conference championship, no on campus stadium...FIU has all three, envious yet UM?


Yup, trust me, all UM fans are thinking about right now is FIU.

Glad to see the feeling is mutual.

we do we always bring UM into everything..lets be secure with who we are..we are not on their level..lets just be FIU proud..i am sick of this!!

Rhymes and Tindal are nice pickups. Rhymes was a basketball player who played only year of football.

My only criticism of FIU's recruiting so far has been the lack of offensive linemen and interior defensive linemen. We need to get bigger and more physical up front. The rush defense must get better.

@miami south paw, FIU has some nice O-line and D-linemen in waiting. Going to be hard to replace Serini. That might be one of the biggest factors next season. The center is the second most important job on the offensive line. Could argue it's the most important. Good to keep Caylin around for another year.

Serini will be tough to replace. But I can see Revilla stepping into that role. He was a center at Killian and a very good one.

goldenpanther 89, I couldn't agree more. Let's be overjoyed with where we are at right now, and that the future looks incredible. If UM fans want to ridicule FIU to make themselves feel better, that's their problem. Let's not stoop to their level.


SCOUT.COM Reports: FIU is ranked only FIVE spots below UM in the 2011 recruiting class, out of 120 schools.

Two programs going permanently heading in different directions.

I noticed FIU has offered two other quarterbacks--J'hyree Harris from Georgia and Antavious Sims, a juco from California. Does this mean the coaches are expecting Cato to decommit?

How is Jake Medlock coming along? Can he push Wesley Carroll this spring and maybe challenge for the starting job?

I agree that we need to target the lines. Our O Line was very underrated and under appreciated this year. For the first time ever, our QB could actually stand in the pocket for more than 1 second. The guys on the O line this year did an amazing job. If the new guys can step in and pick up where this years line left off, our offense will be good.

Caylin transfered as a frosh from juco, he's got two yrs left.

Oline was huge last year. Even against the BCS teams they held their own and allowed us to keep pace and take leads. Part of the reason for the units success was the depth... Revilla and Ceedrick were huge played big time minutes with little or no drop-off. So its not such a huge problem. Plus Kurk missed all season and will be back next year. MC needs to recruit OL to challenge for time not really looking for starters. Coach Maribal is a stud!

DL will determine if we go 0-4, 1-3, 2-2, 3-1, 4-0 in ooc games. The bookends will dominate DE next year, but the DT need to improve in size, strenght. Looking at J. White at over 300lbs to be football ready.
Coach Collins is building the best D in the nation at the REAL university of miami, FIU.

If we lose Cato it is not a big deal. Sure he has some good numbers, but if you actually see the kid play he is kind of like a poor man Jacory Harris, and Jacory is not rich at all. I've known Cato since his Miami Springs days and in my opinion the kid has a lot of growing up to do and his arm is marginal at best. Just because he comes from Central does not mean he is a good fit for FIU. There are alot of other QBs that will look into FIU. Let's not make it a big deal when Cato does not come to FIU. Like some of the other post have said. We need the big uglys up front on both sides of the ball to commit. We will always be able to find 6-0', 6-1' 190 lbs speedsters. What we need to compete on the next level are 6-4', 6-5' 280-300 lbs players that can control the line of scrimage. Those guys are hard to find.

I think Tourek does a nice job at DE, but I think we need a difference maker at the other DE spot next year to really step up to the next level (challenge for top 25 status). A guy like Lattimore is what I'm looking for, or a four star type high school guy. I was hoping Lyndon Trail would transfer to FIU with all of the Florida coaching changes, but I doubt that will happen. At DT, I like Jordan White also, he's got the size that we'll need going forward at that position. We just need more of guys like him. I think with Lee, White, Faciame, and Crawford, we have a good nucleus, but need more depth and size.

If we can build OLs and DLs that are BCS caliber over the next few years, the sky's the limit for our program. We will fly and leave the sorry SunBelt behind.

I'm a proud FIU Alumni. In my opinion, we have no need to be putting UM down because of the situation their football program is in right now. How does putting them down make us better? Let's just enjoy the little success we've had this year and build on that. The sky is the limit for FIU and that's clear to most of us. Go FIU!!!

Thanks Justin.

New Year...

Guys, can we please stop mentioning UM? There are only two other Florida based schools I am thinking about when it comes to us, UCF and FAU. Those are the only two schools in Florida we play next year, and I want us to beat both of them.

As for recruiting, this will shape up to be an exceptional class from top to bottom. In years past our biggest recruits are revealed towards NSD, and I think we will have a few nice surprises headed our way. I can't wait till next season, is it September yet?

FIU won its first conference basketball game last night. A massive 15 point, 2nd quarter come from behind victory!

Congrats to the team!!!

I have to agree with Crouching Tiger.. The Big Uglies should make up the big part of the Recruiting class, and we also need more depth in DB's.. We have gotten real lucky to have a couple WR's change postions and performa at a very high level (ex: Junior).. In reality we should have a couple more DB's coming in..

I hope we don't pick up more then 1 QB..

We only need 1 or 2 more RB's

Maybe 1 or 2 WR's

Plenty of OL and DL (its never enough)

DB's is a big concern..

As good as our LB's are I think we need 2 or 3 guys to make up for Little Canada graduating..

Our Kicker is PERFECT!

Our Punter will get better with hang-time and lenght of punts..

Can't lose ANY coaching staff.. This is absolutly important..


Congrats to our Men's Basketball team for ANOTHER win last night.. I will not be able to make the Thursday game but I already had 2 different people ask me for my tix's.. Men's Basketball is all about how you can play during Jan and Feb, otehrwise there will never be a March...

Go Golden Panthers!

Yes let's please stop bringing up UM in every sentence... our world doesn't revolve around them.

As for Carl, what are the other schools that are recruiting him and which.have.actual shots... also y is he not sold on FIU?

Also Justin what are u hearing in the high school scene about fiu since the bowl win.

Carl = cato

Hey Herald. How long you going to leave Garrett on the front page of the FIU Sports page under the heading 'Crime'? Until the case is heard in April?

More dirty tricks from you guys? After all, he was falsely accused. But hey, don't let that get in the way of your propaganda attack against our university.

Completely agree with the coverage and "reporting" of the allegations against Garrett... also, if you edited the story three times from the original posting on 12/27 why not take the first one which is not as complete down. They both have the same info with the exception that the third version in more complete...

You guys really SUCK!!

From what I've heard Cato may be waiting for an offer from Cincinnati. But he's also got an offer from Marshall where his friend and teammate Tommy Shuler is a commit.

But what I don't understand is FIU has two QB commitments right now. (Dylan Warner and Cato) Why would FIU offer two more QBs unless they have a legitimate concern one of those guys will decommit? How many QBs do they want to sign? Lets get some more big uglies in the trenches.

Guys, remember nobody ranked prospects back in the day. This is as inexact as it gets. It’s just like the consulting firms, just because it’s on paper and somebody has given them a ranking doesn’t mean it’s legit.

Would love to see what the hit rate is on these rankings over time. In any case while we can't get too excited with rankings at the individual level, I think it does indicate that at the macro level we’re getting a higher caliber of athlete.

Also, I can’t agree more with the comparisons to UM. Who cares? Let them do their thing, we’ll do ours. Go Panthers!

you know that garrett widdles kid would be a great baseball player if he could just stay out of trouble!! from ge"s dad!

Why use scout.com? To me rivals and espnu are more reliable on recruiting news. In my mind I can see Jake Medlock taking over the starting job from Carroll. Puma said it best, the rankings do not mean anything because once the kid goes into campus its not about the stars its about the work ethic. The rankings are usually of students from high profile schools.

Some of you spend more time talking about not talking about UM then there is actual talk of UM! The comparisons and talk will never end, just have to come to grips with it, it's natural to expect it and equally unavoidable.

I also think the "Star or Ranking" system is not very accurate, but I thik it gives you an idea of what type of players we are picking up. I will ALWAYS take a 3-Star player before a 1-Star player.. Does that mean the 1 Star player can never become a better player then the 3-star player? NO!! but most of the time it does give you a pretty good idea.. I have a feeling we will have the Best Recruiting Class in school history, also the best class from the Sunbelt, and a class in the Top 50 in the Nation.. I will take that any day!


How is Medlock's health? I understand he had some shoulder issues and missed almost all of his senior year of high school. Again, I don't understand why FIU is offering two more QBs despite already having 2 QBs already committed. Two things may be coming into play. Either the coaches believe Cato is backing out of his commitment or there may be some concerns Medlock is not the guy for the future. I hope neither is true.


Right now, we are ranked 87th in the nation. Whether that is good is quite relative.

Considering that UM is ranked only 5 spots ahead of us, I would consider 87th as being somewhat good. This means that FIU is making a bigger territorial impact than before. Obviously, local talent is going elsewhere, but that fact reveals a lot about where the two programs are going.

After seeing V-Tech get pounded last night, its fair to say that they only competitive talent in the ACC right now is FSU. Therefore, that opens up the recruiting channels a bit for us a little more. While this translating into any substance remains to be seen, it may be used as a recruiting "matter of fact".

I don't see FIU obtaining a top 50 class. Although we have had a successful season, we still play in the worst, or second worst conference in FBS. TOP 75 would be an amazing accomplishment.

I'm just happy we are the BEST team in the Sunbelt. Hopefully basketball comes through this year as well... that would be amazing!!!


BTW - I'm starting to see more people wearing FIU on the streets of Miami. Saw one last night on the beach while I was picking up a slice of pizza @ Rustica on Washington. I stopped and spoke with him for a few moments. He's an alumni, and has never really been a fan but has watched the team from a distance this year. He's thinking of maybe buying season tickets.

This is great stuff!!!

Thank you for removing the GW story from the Headline area.

As far as those that don't want to talk about ucg, then don't. However, we've been taking crap from them since day 1. It's time for them to see how they like having their noses shoved in it for awhile. Turn-about is fair play.

Quijote, saw the same thing the other day. I was walking around downtown on Sunday and saw a couple on roller skates wearing FIU shirts. Hopefully all our alums will one day don their Blue and Gold on a regular basis around town.

any word on whos goin to the NFL combine?

I agree with Quijote and FIUFan - FIU football can only exist in relation to the University of Miami. People shouldn't even bother writing anything about FIU unless they also compare it to what's going on with UM.


Thanks for the update.. I did not know we were that far from Top 50.. Regradless in the end its all about what you can do with those players once they hit the field..

BTW I have also since mnay more people wearing FIU shirts in the Hammocks area.. Didn't stop to talk but I think we should all start expecting a bigger increase in FIU fans.. Ex: Our group of 6 Sesaon tix holders has now gone up by 2 people.. More to come before the 2011 kickoff..

Go Golden Panthers!

The other day; I saw this guy wearing an FIU t-shirt and I asked him if he followed the football team... He replied Fútbol? He was an international student and spoke no english just like 80% of the school and 10% of the faculty. I still don't understand why some students go to FIU to learn english. No pierdan la plata!!!!!
Odio a la Universidad Inconpetente Floridiana; where we all think; we are all that.
I love you quijote! besos: Sancho Panza.

Anthony Gaitor (CB) --FIU
Jerrel Jernigan (WR)--TROY
Rob Housler (TE) --FAU
Lester Jean (WR) --FAU
Jeff Van Camp (QB) --FAU

This is what I know so far from the Sunbelt.

ESOL, your alias spelled backwards is LOSER if you add a R.

How appropriate.

i hope ellingson gets a look somewhere

Quijote, your alias comes from a character who obsessively reads about heroic figures and become delusional, believing his own modest life to be a reflection of the glorious heroes he's read about.

How appropriate indeed.


I would think Greg Ellingson and Brad Serini would get invited to the combine.

A girl walked into my job yesterday wearing an FIU track jacket. She said her boyfriend works for FIU Media Relations. Something like that. I was a second away from asking her if it was Pete. LOL. That wouldve been inappropriate.

In regards to Cato, let him go. We have some good QB's on our team. What the coaches need to target are O line and DB's. Our DB's are slow. Our secondary is slow. We need some speedsters back there.

according to ESPN Greg Ellingson is being noticed as a prospect for the NFL but not Serini.
On another note about recruiting, sometimes 5 star recruits live on the hype and not will not put the effort. At the end its about how the coaches evaluate the players and how they are going to fit into the systems. Sometimes there are players that aren't even evaluated by rivals or ESPN, just because they didn't go to a big name school.

Alt7787, licks Roary's balls...Wish this nerd would get his face punched in...

One more thing, hate.

Bucface Nasty sniffs Jacory's jock strap. Smells like defeat. Smells like UM.


Who is roary? Don't steal my name and dilute my hate with immature nonsense.

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