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FIU Baseball Media Day -- Tomorrow

Check back Wednesday for complete coverage of FIU Baseball's Media Day, in which Garrett Wittels will speak about his record-chasing hitting streak, but not about the rape charges hanging over his head.

We'll have video and transcripts during the day, with a complete wrap-up in Thursday's Miami Herald.

Reminder: The baseball season begins this weekend against Southeastern Louisiana. First pitch Friday is 7 p.m., while Saturday's game begins at 1. Gametime for Sunday, the day he would break the record, is 7:30 p.m. (good catch, @Top 25).


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Sunday's game is at 7:30pm, according to fiusports.com

I hope Adam asks about the legal dramas and has his credentials immediately pulled from him, followed by a thorough beating from Roary.

Why do you care so much about the rape charges? Does it bother you so much that you cannot ask what you really care about? Are you angry because they are interfering with your journalistic intengrity? From where I stand it does not look like you have much of it, so drop the act. It is well known to FIU fans that read this section of the newspaper that you all dont give a hoot about FIU. Your coverage is all the proof anyone would ever need. Why do you keep up this charade? I guess times are tough...
Another thing, I agree and support 100% with what my alma mater is doing.

Ask the question, ask the question, ask the question. You can't get anything out of the AD, out of the HFC, out of the MBB Coach and now you can make it 4 for 4 with the baseball team. You get scooped by Pete, the Orlando Sentinel, national newspaper and lowly fan sites. How effective are you at covering your beat? Plus, just think of it, you can have the ENTIRE weekend off and go back to covering soccer something you love to do. ASK THE QUESTION!

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