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FIU football to host Duke Oct. 1

Still awaiting word on the 2011 football schedule, but we now know when the Golden Panthers will play Duke.

The Blue Devils announced their schedule Monday, and list their trip to FIU as Oct. 1.

Thanks to Paul Borden for the heads up.


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Good luck, I've seen some of Duke games and coach Cutcliffe seems to be doing a good job atleast with what he has had.
The good thing is that FIU is at home, so the question should be, are the fans and the students show up?

Great news!

Fans must show up to every game this season. We have to continue building in last year's success. Both Duke and UCF travel well and we must show our school spirit when both those teams come to the Cage...Can't wait, it should be a fun season for Panther Nation. GO PANTHERS!!!

If we continue to welcome these high profile universities we must finish the Stadium. Last year Rutgers sat in the glorified high school seats. Embarrassing!

In a perfect world we would have the stadium done, the Alumni Center done, the Track/Soccer stadium done, etc.. But I think we need to show WAY more fan support before we start demanding additions to the stadium (which looks pretty darn good).. I think the Athletic Dept is working very hard to continue getting the FIU name out nation wide and help bring in better academic students, better athletes, better staff, etc..

Athletic Dept: Its in a big time rise with some of the Sunbelt Championships we have won lately. Same goes for out new facilities..

Academic: The average SAT score in FIU is over 1100.. Not bad at all.. We will probably see the average go up to 1200 in the next couple years.


Yep, lowering the academic standards by letting in tens of thousands more kids can only increase the average SAT score.


If I didn't know that Gooch was a regular poster here I'd think he's a UM troller with the idiotically misinformed optimism he spews, but whatever, delusion is half the fun of being a sports fan.

I just heard on the radio that FIU is playing Duke next year, people were calling in saying that beating Duke will prove that FIU is on UM's level and will get them invited to the Big East. I don't have time to wait to hate on the radio so I'm just going to throw out a little hate here on the subject:

I know FIU is terrible at football and would take a moral victory beating any team that doesn't play in their embarrassment of a rat's afterbirth of a conference, but come on now, it's Duke. Hate.

"I know FIU is terrible at football".... yes sir, you sure do know.

"Yep, lowering the academic standards by letting in tens of thousands more kids can only increase the average SAT score."

god you're dumb. the standards for letting in students will not change at all. That's like saying UF and UCF, the state's biggest universities, had to lower their standards to increase student size.



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