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FIU to play Louisville on Friday, Sept. 9 -- on ESPN

Well then .... This is interesting.

Looks like Akron's official website is plain wrong. Or else FIU is planning the weekend from hell.

My guess is on the former, because there's no way Mario Cristobal (or any governing body, for that matter) would allow a football team to play games in consecutive days.

Louisville announced its football schedule today, and has FIU's visit to Horse Country set for Friday, Sept. 9. That means Akron WILL NOT host the Golden Panthers on Sept. 10, as its website indicates.

Anyway, not to bury the lede, but here's this little nugget that shouldn't go overlooked: The Panthers-Cardinals game will appear on ESPN. With Louisville's recent influx of South Florida talent (I'm looking your way, Mr. Bridgewater), this will be a much-hyped game in the area.

So what does this mean? Well, it means FIU's visit to Akron will likely come the weekend of Sept. 24, although we won't know for sure until one of the schools clears this mess up.

FIU's 2011 Schedule (as of now ...)

Sept. 1 vs. North Texas

Sept. 9 at Louisville

Sept. 17 vs. UCF

Oct. 1 vs. Duke


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Much hyped? Why would FIU fans care about a bunch of players who didn't even consider coming to play for their second rate school?

FIU is going to curb stomp Charlie Strong !!! I see a serious coming out party for the PANTHERS on back to back weeks. Tune up game to run the offense and defense against UNT and then a national TV game against Louisville....

Hmmmm, kind of like a bowl game in September. An FIU win will most likely get the UCF game on ESPN as well.

PANTHERS on the RISE !!!

Great news for it to be a TV game.

If FIU wins this game, it would be a major win. Great to see it on ESPN.

Good schedule to start off the season.

Pretty smart move...have a chance to play at beautiful Infocision Stadium in Akron and get a chance for a win, or go to Louisville and get murdered. GOOD CHOICE!

Mike what are you talking about? Akron and Louisville will play FIU in the fall. And Louisville will have a QB problem.

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