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FIU travels to face Akron on Oct. 8

The Sun Belt releases the conference's entire 2011 schedule Tuesday, but nearly half of FIU's slate has now been made public by opposing teams.

The latest date announced: FIU's game in Akron, to be held on Oct. 8. A gametime has not yet been made public.

While much of FIU's Sun Belt schedule is still a mystery, I did get wind of this tidbit over the weekend: Troy's visit to The Cage will be a midweek game, likely nationally televised.

And while it's not official, my guess (based on previous years' schedules) is FIU's first bye will come the weekend of Sept. 24, with seven straight conference games to end the year. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

FIU's 2011 Schedule (as of now ...)

Sept. 1 vs. North Texas

Sept. 9 at Louisville

Sept. 17 vs. UCF

Oct. 1 vs. Duke

Oct. 8 at Akron


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That could mean 3 Espn broadcast games!
Maybe a 3 CSS games.... and 6 home games including ucf and Duke!

Make us proud FIU, its time to build and show the real beauty and diversity in The 305!

We should have a more potent offense this year. Let's see what happens! FIU ride the momentum to get us to the promise land!

Diversity? I don't call 90% Spanish diverse.

Neither would I, where is it 90% Spanish?

Well, since you are not going to reply anytime soon. 90% Spanish? What does that even mean? lol. Are you saying that 90% of the students are from Spain? Are you saying that 90% of the students speak only Spanish? Or are you saying that 90% of the students can speak Spanish fluently as well as English and if you are is that a bad thing? I think that would be extremely impressive considering FIU has 40,000 plus students. However if that is what you are proclaiming you would be wrong on all of those assumptions. To begin with FIU's student body is made up of < 60% Hispanics.

Ignorance to group all hispanics together with how different each latin culture is. I bet he doesnt even realize Brazilians talk portuguese. There is no other place that has such a bigger diversity in the USA than Miami. WE have all of the carribean countries and South America. Tons of Canadians and Europeans also. Chinese, Japanese as well. People need to go out more. Go to South Beach and Brickell and you will see the whole world there. Miami is not just Hialeah dumbazz!!

Btw the herald was also distasteful as a previous poster mentioned, with the way they handled the GW story. For god sake, why put more pressure on the kid and FIU. I think FIU did the right thing. You innocent until proven guilty and given the facts of the allegations, its obvious that the dumb girl should be the one facing charges for making false allegations!! Thanks to the Herald maybe all the pressure finally got to GW. Poor kid had history in his hands & thanks a lot Herald. But regardless i blame him as well because he should of never put himself in that situation. Bottom line tho, Herald is obviously looking for every opportunity to put FIU down and trying to show UM is better. What ever happend to neutrality? Oh yea I forgot, UM pays you guys money to run bias coverage! SCARED SCARED SCARED... FIU ON the Rise!!!

The GW story is done till april. Let it go, the news on fiu letting him play didn't take off as many haters had hope.

The issue with um is done for me. This is the best schedule ever. We are beginning to stand and be recognized on our own achievements. Not as the other school in the brawl. Or the school who finally did what nebraska, the ohio state, oklahomas were to scared to do... stand up to the bully! ;-)

Go panthers

I bet you idiots have never filled out a job application.. It say white, Spanish, or black. You're not diverse when your school 90% hispanic.

FIU is not 90% hispanic i guarantee you that. To another thing just to categories all latins as one is old fashion. Let me guess you must be Rush Limbaugh's number 1 fan.

"I bet you idiots have never filled out a job application.. It say white, Spanish, or black. You're not diverse when your school 90% hispanic."

This guy makes less sense than Charlie Sheen on 20/20.

"Spanish" is not a race and again FIU is less than 60% Hispanic. Educate yourself man, just b/c you didn't get into FIU doesn't mean you can't still get a degree somewhere else! Look at the brightside FIU has the lowest acceptance rate of any school in Florida (I dont want to confuse you...That means FIU has the highest denial rate) so don't feel bad.

lol. @FIUGP2012 I'm a current FIU student and that acceptance percentage is misleading because depending if you count it as a good or bad thing, more people apply to FIU than elsewhere in Florida so FIU has to ultimately deny more. Doesn't mean we have the brightest students.

120000 average students apply for only 40000 seats then you get 33%. *Note these aren't actual #s but an example

20000 above average students for 10000 then you get 50%

Get it? Got it? Good!

I love my school but let's be real.

@Hugh Vballz how about you do bring out some real numbers (facts) rather than speaking out of your @ss. While you are at it try saying that that UM or any other University in Florida defeats FIU in accounting (Good luck).

LOL @ YOU Hugh Vballz UF has nearly double the applicants. LOL What a dumb thing to say "FIU has the most applicants in Florida." UF is the only Florida school I looked up too lol.

2nd university I look up in Florida FSU another school with much more applicants. How about you do some research next time? Wouldn't that be a good idea?

First of all calm down and the numbers are there I'm just wasting time to research them. look them up yourself.

@Hugh Vballz lol I did buddy and you are wrong lol. I will put them here for you.

# of applicants
UF 27,850
UCF 24,667
UM 21,845
FSU 18,583
FIU 15,978 (Lowest acceptance rate in Fl.)

You are proven wrong, FIU does not receive the most applicants in Florida. Not even close.

*2009 Statistics
FIU has had the lowest acceptance rate since '07

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