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Just a hunch, but ...

... Here's how I see today's FIU Baseball Media Day unfolding.

At the start of the press conference, FIU will read a statement from AD Pete Garcia, announcing that the school and athletic department conducted a thorough investigation of the allegations surrounding Garrett Wittels, and decided that there was not enough evidence to warrant a suspension.

Then there will be the obligatory legal-ese, saying this is not an affirmation of Wittels' innocence, and if additional information or events arise, the decision is subject to change.

Then Wittels will talk. He'll be asked indirectly about the situation he finds himself in, if he feels fortunate to be allowed to play ... and he'll answer a few of those questions, before all the talk will turn to the streak.

Then the sporting media will do what it does best: Eat.

Let's see afterwards how right I am ...


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Next time I need your opinion I will give it to you.

Here's a hunch...maybe they lock the Herald out for all their prior transgressions. LOL!

It won't be censorship because other media will be allowed to attend. You can pick the story up off the wire. :)

A rolling stone gathers no moss. But does rolling moss gather no stones? Some stones? Does a stone with moss want to be moss-less? Can moss play football with the stone? Can he catch the stone over the middle?

here's a hunch.... the herald is grasping for any kind of story because no one at FIU will talk to beasly because of all the crap he's written.

FIUFan - what world are you living in where anyone besides the Miami Herald cares about what happens with FIU? All ESPN's stories on Whittles are just excerpts from the Herald's.

FIUFan - what world are you living in where anyone besides the Miami Herald cares about what happens with FIU? All ESPN's stories on Whittles are just excerpts from the Herald's.

Posted by: FIU '12 | February 16, 2011 at 11:26 AM


All of them you say. Please provide support for this assertion. You may have to actually read what they wrote.

God forbid you could be a reporter with cajones and actually ASK Wittels about the charges.

Real them yourself broham, I'm not wrong.

Just a hunch, Beasley has no cajones, and won't ask anything.

Hey Herald, F*(K YOU!!!!

Trying to ruin a kids life because you dont like FIU is just about right for you losers!!!

A) NOT GUILTY...ill take any betting amount the Herald and fat boy rojas and butt sucking beasley is willing to throw down on it... let me know guys/girls/etc

Wow! A lot of you guys are totally missing the point. It's the media's job to ask tough questions. For FIU to pull the credentials from any media person for asking Wittles about the rape charges is bad.

FIU is in no position to remove media credentials for doing their job. Frankly, nobody really cares about FIU athletics other than a few diehard fans like myself. Outside of the Miami Herald, what other major publication actually covers FIU sports? Like it or not, the rape allegations are newsworthy. You can't censor the press from asking about it.

No one at FIU is censoring the media. The school has a right to set guidelines for press conferences. they are under no obligations to serve up tabloid material to journalists. They are not revoking credentials for journalists who prints negatively slanted articles. Beasley can write anything he wants without fear of repercussion. It is however ridiculous to believe that FIU should serve that material on a silver platter. The media has a job to do just like the FIU PR department has one.

You could just as easily not make Garret available for Comment. No one is censoring anyone, they can write all the stories they want, but they will not and should not allow Garret to face an inquisition from the press about the matter outside of baseball to which there is an open legal case right now.

He can always choose not to answer the question. You can't have it both ways, FIUPantherFan. If he chooses to hold a press conference, you can't tell the press what questions to ask or not ask. Simple as that.

So you want to hear "no comment" over and over and over. Instead of, if there are any questions asked on the matter there will be "no comment" and you might lose your credentials for harassing the player for something you've already been told there would be no comment for. That's ridiculous.

Go back to freakin' Cuba, dude.

Exactly, FIUPantherFan. Rather than hearing no comment 75 times in a press conference, please devote your time to ask questions relevant to the team, the sport, and the historic streak at hand. But no, they want to insist on the same question that they know the answer would be....and should be....."no comment" Hello?

to DB: Go back to TEMPLE, you bagel



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