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MVSU-FIU Live Blog

Finale of the four-game set. Daniel DeSimone (0-1, 0.00) vs. Scott Hornstra (0-0, 0.00).



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This will be my second time writing this because the Herald deleted it the first time.

I have always defended the herald when FIU fans argued the paper's writers were bias against the school. However, in yesterday's paper, under the heading "things local fans are talking about" in the sports section I read something rather classless. Under the heading of UM's AD leaving, the herald put that it is unknown who the new AD will be but one thing is for sure that it wouldn't be Pete Garcia, whose application would be lost in the process for sure. Wow! what a jab at fiu and our AD.

Well herald know this. First, Pete Garcia has no interest going back to his old school. Second, I think if the U can't even keep a nobody AD like the one they had, it shows something interesting. That the U is going downhill. Herald, what u going to do when FIU rises as they have been? You can't stop it! But for now, i will no longer read this blog nor the herald anymore. That cheap shot at FIU was just plain distatesful and classless. Now I understand why Pete Pelegrin left such a prejudice place like the Herald.

Glad others are noticing.

Pete Garcia has no good will left with UM, he bailed on the University to follow Butch Davis. That's why his application will be discarded, not because he's at FIU right now.

I know that everything FIU football does only happens in relation to UM, but it doesn't work the other way around, nobody at UM gives two squirts of duck sh*t about FIU, there is no overlap between the two universities in athletic competition or in prospective student pools.

And Hocutt is one of the hottest young ADs in the country by the way, just because you've never heard of him doesn't mean he's a "nobody".

Quick, name any other AD at any other school anywhere!

Thought so.


The above poster's premise on the first paragraph is factually wrong. Why? Because Pete Garcia actually CAME BACK to UM to work at the Athletic Department after he "bailed" on UM to follow Butch Davis. So, with a wrong and erroneous premise like that, ther rest of your post lost its meaning.

Now, I didn't read what the first poster read....it is rather classless from The Herald, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was the gossip writer there...what's his name...or Cote...who wrote that jab......

Oh well...who cares?

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