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Notes from Mario Cristobal's signing day press conference

In addition to speaking on the 25 players to affix their names to an FIU letter of intent, Mario Cristobal made a little news Wednesday.

He set the date for the Spring Game for April 1, the final day of spring practice, which begins March 3.

Cristobal confirmed Todd Orlando is in line to become the next defensive coordinator, but for some reason has not able to make the hire official.

He also said that freshman defensive tackle Jordan White, who battled weight issues this fall, could possibly see action on the offensive line going forward.

Other nuggets...

On recruiting class' focus: "Getting bigger, rangier and longer [on defense]. We wanted to make sure we have guys that have enough range to be effective. We're always looking for explosive and athletic athletes. Third down and the red zone, we're going to be much better team."

On the immediate impact of the class: "We have a lot of game-changers, guys that will make an immediate impact. We expect everyone to be a member of the two-deep at some point during the fall."

What he's most proud of from this class: "It’s just explosive all the way around. A different caliber of player. Naturally they can accelerate to the football. Guys with tremendous football sense, who can change the game. It’s the easiest time we’ve ever had to make a highlight tape."

On the importance of recruiting: "We recruit like men possessed. It’s our lifeline. We have some real nice plays run up on paper. They are pretty detailed. But you have to have the players to make those plays work. Recruiting has to be a part of our every single day."

If there is enough footballs for all the skill position players: "FIU has been the place where a lot of kids want to come. We had a great influx, as of late, of guys who wanted to commit. It makes you say, you know what, we could be a little bit more patient. We can continue to assess certain positions that are stocked pretty well, and focus on other positions going forward."


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What I want to know now that we have picked up a heck of a class for Back-to-back-to-back years, will the coverage in tomorrows newspaper be just as good? Will the Herald do a good job showing South Florida what FIU is doing and how far we have come in the last THREE years? Im going to take a chance and spend the $.050 on the paper tomorrow, and I hope its not FIU on page 8D like they usually are. We will see how "Fair" the sports coverage is tomorrow morning..

Congrats to all New Golden Panthers! Bring home "ANOTHER" title and a trip to "ANOTHER" bowl game..


Coach should not be patient until a few more years from now. When momentum is in full swing. I truly believe he worked his butt off for this year's class though. He needs to same aggressiveness next year

Great Class, filled most of the needs.

My concern is if im not mistaken he is entering his last year of his contract and i have not heard any voice on FIU offering him a extention to his contract. This man needs to stay a panther! he is young, has a great work ethic, and has done nothing but great things for our program. Pete Garcia ponte pa tu numero!!!!

I hear the Missouri backup QB Blaine Dalton is transferring to FIU. Is this true?

As for Cristobal's contract, that will be taken care of very soon. I have a feeling he will kickoff the season with a new contract under his belt already..

OMG where did you hear about a Missouri QB coming our way?

Even though we picked up some amazing players I would like to know who are the Top 3 players that we lost to other programs? Thanks!


Great Recruiting Class. Go FIU !!!!

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