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Projected FIU starting lineup

The great thing about FIU returning seven of its starting nine is that the Golden Panthers' lineup is relatively easy to guess. But in what order? Here's my best shot (a hint -- it looks a lot like last year's lineup):

CF Bermudez (R)
LF Henry (R)
SS Wittels (R)
3B Patton (L)
DH Martinez (R)
RF Barroso (R)
1B Flores (L)
2B Shantz (R)
C Behar (R)

The real wildcard is Shantz. If he picks up where he left off in the Sun Belt Tournament, the 8-spot could become a distant memory. Flores could also slide up in the lineup against righties, depending on the matchup.


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About 10 hours away from Opening Day, and the first pitch of hopefully another championship season..
Is it true that they will be sending their Ace for Sundays game? Will these pitchers give G.W. anything to hit or are we going to see a couple walks? If I was a pitcher I would love to stop the streak but by getting him out and not walking him. Pitcher Vs. Bater..


No, they're going to play their second-best pitcher on opening day.

Do you even watch baseball?

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