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St. Thomas-FIU Live Blog

A little midweek delight here at FIU Baseball Stadium, as Logan Dodds will make his first start of the season (and third appearance of the year), taking on St. Thomas and starter Corey Estrada.

First pitch is 6 p.m.



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Good article today by Cote on what a scum, Isiah Thompson is. Thanks Isiah for helping NY becoming a better team & eventually screwing over fiu.

Thank god, the U doesnt have to worry about hiring such scum persons.

Predator & blame everything on my children, Mr. Thompson!

Miami Herald #1
Cote is the man!!

Haha, when ur school has money any story can be made up! All about the U!

gw likes lil girls! Hahahahaahaa no more streak!! No more hair...FIU is done!!!

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