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Ventura to call Sunday's game, if streak intact

I've got a preview of perhaps the most significant season-opening series in FIU history here, but wanted to draw one passage to your attention, so not to bury the lede:

If Wittels, a junior shortstop who had 100 hits in 56 games last year, goes oh-for Friday or Saturday, the series finale will appear only on ESPN’s web network.

But if the streak is alive come Sunday, ESPNU will carry the affair – and the man whose record is at stake will be in the broadcast booth.

The network plans to have [Robin] Ventura, who set the record with Oklahoma State in 1987, call the deciding game, a delicious twist to a high-profile – and high-pressure – weekend.


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I watch FIU Baseball if you need to know.. Reason I asked about the Ace was because there was rumors that they would put their best pitcher in Sundays game to give them the best chance to stop the streak..
Is there a problem with the question or just another Hater that has nothing better to do in life?


Good stuff...lets get it on!

Gooch7 and GPantera.... you two are friends and have met numerous times at FIU, AND in Detroit, LOL.

If there's another "Pantera" it ain't me, I just found this blog, I'll find a different name.

Yea, just seemed like a dumb stream of questions, they don't even have an "Ace" pitcher but they'll play their best guy on opening day.

thought their number 1 is going to go on Sunday to stop the streak?

So Witttles chocked

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