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Video: FIU Baseball Media Day

If the video isn't loading properly, you can view it here.


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the video doesnt work idiotic herald

New bball commit per Evan Daniels of Scout.com. 6'5 SG Tanner Wozniak from up in Tampa area. video looks good, def needed another scorer for next year

GW & I. Thompson are both rapist and should be banned from FIU!!

FIU 12,

Last time i checked that ONLY thing I said about Softball was "Good Luck".. Read the entire post before you continue making your self look like an idiot.. I hope that you are just a Miami Dade student that is hoping to get into a real university.. READ you IDIOT!!

Herald can we get a video that works.. I know it might be asking for a lot but please make it happen..


Haha, my fault, I'm guessing english isn't your first language?

A "softball" question is an intentionally friendly question meant to lead the subject into a boring, obvious answer, i.e."asking about the Sunbelt Championship or Wittels as Player of the Year" - questions that require your definition of "thinking".

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2011/02/wittels-meets-the-media-acquits-himself-quite-well.html#ixzz1EEqiWNDT

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