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Andrew Green named FIU's director of football ops

As I try to play catch-up, wanted to bring you this bit of (slightly old) news: Andrew Green has been named the football program's  director of football operations.

Green, who spent the previous three years as the administrative assistance to head coach Mario Cristobal, replaces Tony Egues, who left the team shortly after the season.


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Wow, you make it seem like your soooooo busy...I guess the Herald has given you extra assigments covering the Eathquake in Japan, the Crisis in Libia, and even what our moronic Governor is doing.

Dont worry about it, hope now you have caught up.

Thanks for the info Adam. Great article regarding the upcoming spring game. Can't wait. Also to the previous poster, the name of the country you are referring to is spelled Libya.

Congrats Andrew, you definitely deserve it!

Julesfiu07 I agree. Andrew is the second hardest working person at FIU athletics. I appreciate the spring article Adam

Hey Adam, SPRING ON THIS!!!! C==========B

Haha, you guys are ridiculous, none of you have any idea who Andrew green is.

Who cares about this. What does he do? How does he help the football team? What are his plans? Etc,Etc. Are we really supposed to be exited about this news?

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