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FIU 2011 Football Schedule Released

Much more to come, but wanted to get this out as soon as I got it …

FIU 2011 Football Schedule

Thursday, Sep. 1: North Texas at FIU, 7 p.m. (ESPN3)

Friday, Sept. 9: FIU at Louisville, 7 p.m. (ESPN)

Saturday, Sept. 17: UCF at FIU, TBA

Saturday, Sept. 24: ULL at FIU, TBA

Saturday, Oct. 1: Duke at FIU, TBA

Saturday, Oct. 8: FIU at Akron, TBA

Week of Oct. 15: BYE

Tuesday, Oct. 18: FIU at Arkansas State, 8 p.m. (ESPN2)

Tuesday, Oct. 25: Troy at FIU, 8 p.m. (ESPN2)

Saturday, Nov. 5: FIU at Western Kentucky, TBA

Saturday, Nov. 12: FAU at FIU, TBA

Saturday, Nov. 19: FIU at ULM, TBA

Saturday, Nov. 26: FIU at MTSU, TBA

Week of Dec. 5: BYE


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as soon as you got it from Pelegrin's blog, you DOUCHE BAG.

Great schedule!

By far, far, far the best schedule we have ever had... We have a possibility of winning 10 games but there is also a chance of only winning 7 games.. The layout of playing Sunbelt team in between "out of conference" teams is great.. We also never have more then 2 AWAY games in a row.. Thats is very important for fans not to go through an entire month without watching any football.. We also have 3 home games in a row at the beginning of the season.
BTW the MTSU game will probably be chilly in late Nov..

The only negative thing I see from the entire schedule is playing on a Tues at home against Troy. I guess when you want National TV you need to play outside the normal Fri or Sat.. Its not a big deal but for the working people it kind of sucks.. Regardless this is a GREAT schedule!


The ONLY way FIU can mess up a Great schedule like this one would be if they play their Home games at anytime before 6pm.. People have a hard time going to a ball game when its 95F and humid. Just look at the Marlins when thye have a 1pm game and same goes for the Dolphines when they play at 1pm..

All home games need to be scheduled 6pm or 7pm!!

Even with the mid-week ESPN games, we still never have less than 7 days between games.

6 home games is a plus as well. Can't wait to renew my season tickets.

i really dislike the idea of tuesday night games i dont care for it,

My only complain is that we should play FAU on Thanksgiving day weekend. That is rivalry weekend and they are our rivals.

Since when is thanksgiving the second week of November?

North Texas W
at Louisville L
Duke W
at Akron W
at Arkansas State L
Troy W
at Western Kentucky W
at ULM W

8 - 4 with a bowl game but this time in New Orleans. Mark it down

why would anybody schedule 3 of the last 4 games on the road?

I'll be attending all FIU home games. I hope you guys attend also. We need to fill our stadiums. Go Panthers ! Go FIU !

Richard, these are national t.v. games. Millions will be watching your Golden Panthers.

Nearly 2 million people (at any given time) were watching the FIU/Toledo Bowl game.


Plenty of reasons why FIU scheduled AWAY games at the end of the season.

1) Fans do not come out to watch FIU Football during Nov. Even when we were playing for the Conference Championship at home fans (specially Alum's) did not show up!

2) By the last two games we should already have 6 or 7 wins under our belt (and one game away from N.O. Bowl)

3) We have a good opportunity to win both fianl games even though they are away..

4) The last game is during Thanksgiving weekend. No one will show up to that game!!

The schedule is very good!


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