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Spring practice report | Wednesday, March 9

The Panthers have a day off from practice today. Below, I put together what I feel would be somewhat close to an offensive depth chart for next season.

We all know that, Wes, T.Y. and a few other guys are virtually guaranteed a starting spot, but there are still a few places where it is yet to be decided who will be the starter.

Projected depth chart offense

DSC_0214 QB Wesley Carroll (center, with Medlock to the right)

I ensure you, there is no QB controversy this off-season. After last season's success, Wesely Carroll will likely return as the Panthers' starting quarterback. Carroll was 226 of 367 with 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions last season. The job is Carroll's to lose and I do not see that happening. Jake Medlock has looked good at times and bad at others.

As a matter of fact, Carroll has not been all that impressive either but things are still early in spring practice. Third-string quarterback Blaine Dalton is still trying to learn the offense.

"Going into the spring we feel so comfortable with the offense," Carroll said after practice on Monday.

RB Jeremiah Harden (right) DSC_0170

  Harden only played seven games last year after being hampered by some injuries. Harden rushed for 327 yards and a touchdown. Both Darriet Perry and Darrien Mallary are back for 2011. I expect there will be some healthy competition in the back field. Perry was a monster last year, rushing for close to 900 yards and 16 touchdowns. Mallary rushed for 712 yards.

Mallary has been limited this spring, recovering from an injury he sustained during the bowl game. FIU will probably use the same three running back attack they used last year.

Expect Perry to continue being the goal-line back, with Harden and Mallary adding some speed on first and second downs.

WR T.Y. Hilton - of course

WR Jacob Younger

DSC_0167 WR Wayne Times/Willis Wright (left)

It will be interesting to see who will emerge to replace Greg Ellingson. Ellingson was a one of Carroll's favorite targets. Jacob Younger has made some plays in spring practice so far.

"You have guys like Jacob Younger now who is one of the veteran receivers. Wayne Times coming into his third year," Carroll said. "Glen Coleman looks really good right now, running good routs and catching the ball well. Willis Wright has continued to improve. We have to move forward. We have to progress."

Willis Wright has shown he is a big target out there. Glenn Coleman has also made some plays.

I asked Carroll if any of the receivers have started to step and try to take over for Greg Ellingson.

"It's extremely hard to replace a Greg Ellingson. He complemented T.Y. extremely well," Carroll said. "It really put defenses in a bind. He is certainly going to be missed. There is plenty of talent to take over where he left off. Greg had a extremely good year last season because what he did in the off-season. These guys need to take that lead."

TE Jonathan Faucher

With Dudley LePorte out, Faucher looks like the solid pick at tight end. Faucher will have some competition from Junior Delpe, Joey Harris and Colt Anderson.

DSC_0232 LT Caylin Hauptmann (right) - Lock at LT

Anyone's guess from here down.

LG Kevin Van Kirk -

C Giancarlo Revilla/Ceedrick Davis

RG Revilla

RT Rupert Bryan Jr.

 I could see Davis playing some significant time, but the big fella still needs to improve on a few things.

Revilla has done well at center.

The entire offensive line, even Caylin, have been bounced around during spring, so there is no definitive answer as to who will start just yet.



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What about the defense? Who are the players expected to replace Jarvis Wilson, Toronto Smith and Anthony Gaitor?

@MiamiSouthPaw - Defense will come tomorrow. For now I can tell you, Junior Mertile at CB, Chuck Grace at safety, Markeith Russell at LB.

FIU doesn't post a depth chart for spring practices?

Hey shouldn't Beasley be suspended for r@ping those 2 under-aged goats last month?

What a creep.

Really classy Mamao.

What credibility does a "sports clerk" have to decide whether a player is good or bad after observing a week of practice?


I heard the same about Jorge Rojas and 2 corndogs...... Coincidence, perhaps


Ur soft...This HS writing class deserves no respect.

The trolls are out in full force today... thanks for the info justin.

I'm not trolling, I'm seriously asking, does anyone know if Cristobal posts official depth charts in the spring? I'm not particularly interested in Justin's guesses.

So, Is Jacory Harris starting or is it going to be Stephen Morris? IM SO CONFUSED?????

@Que, FIU has not released a depth chart this spring.

To the alias that addressed me,

I simply don't want the fans of the school I attended to be seen as boorish and spiteful. We have enough of an uphill battle as is, we don't really need clowns turning off people left and right with their sophomoric behavior.

Uphill battle??? this paper blows guy. Who cares what it does???

This year has been pretty funny. At one point i think they completely cut off college baseball coverage when one team was 4-7 and the other 11-2.

A kid throws a NO-HITTER....and doesnt get at least a F#CKEN paragraph?!?!?!?

Grow a s@ck and join the masses!!! blow this popsicle stand; you are only becoming dumber by reading this garbage.

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