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Spring practice starts Thursday afternoon

I know all you Panther fans out there have been eagerly awaiting the start of spring football.

Wait no more!!!

Practice gets under way Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

Unfortunately, practice will be closed to the public.

Members of the media will be allowed to watch the entire practice. I will be posting updates and pictures as practice goes on.

Check back around 3:45 for the first round of updates. I might switch to a live blog if we are allowed to sit in the press box. It would be a mission to do a live blog from the side lines.

Just in case, I set up a cover it live in case I can live blog from the press box. We most likely will be on the field for the first 15-30 minutes, so I'll start the live blog when I have a chance to get settled in.

If you want to participate before I start updating the blog, post comments and questions below and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.



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take extra note of D and O line. Constructive criticism please. I want to know if you see an upgrade.

Yea... mostly interested in the whats happening in the trenches.

I'm interested in how the corners play now that Anthony Gaitor is gone. Also would like to know about the progress of Willis Wright.

@Panther, I'm probably going to write a story on what will happen now that Gaitor is gone sometime early next week.

I want to know how the Defense will react to losing Gaitor but also Little Canada (the emotional leader of the D)..

D-Line and O-Line is also very important..

Update on the New Golden Panthers (the 3 recruits that are able to practice witht the team)..

Something about Pooh Bear!!


I haven't said this for about a year or more, but....

GREAT job on the TY Hilton article Adam.. First time since a VERY LONG time that you wrote an FIU article without having to say anything negative about the school and their programs.. The article was so good Im actually going to spend the $0.50 in today's newspaper.. If the Herald wrote about FIU more often and with that kind of passion then I would actually start up my subscription again.. We will see!

Good Job Adam..

Go Golden Panthers..

I would like to get an update on Jake Medlock and see whether he's a serious contender to push Wesley Carroll for the starting QB job. Also, is Blaine Dalton participating in spring drills?

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