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Coming Monday: FIU Draft preview

Had a chance to check out Anthony Gaitor's Friday morning workout, in preparation for next weekend's draft.

Gaitor, who works with local trainer James Bush IV, looks fit.

But don't take my word for it. As part of the FIU draft preview coverge, which rolls out Monday, I shot video of Gaitor's routine.

Video, along with a full story on Gaitor's chances -- not to mention those of Greg Ellingson, Cedric Mack and Brad Serini -- will be up Monday.

In the meantime, follow Gaitor on Twitter @A_Gaitor.


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Gaitor will make it. He's got great instincts for the ball, has a huge heart, and is not afraid to lay the wood on anyone.

Good luck!

Gaitor's problem is that he quit on the team, and that he shows his emotions way too much. He needs to mature a lot, i think he will be a signed as a free agent

I observed that observer doesn't know what he is talking about. Gaitor is all heart and has no ounze of quit in him. Pure hard worker to the max.

look it doesn't matter if he is drafted or not, because the truth is sometimes it doesn't work out for the late draftees, look at Tampa they ended up signing a couple of rookies after they were cut, or signed undrafted.
And on another why was Gaitor placed on the third team when Collins came? He quit on the team. Sometimes the "Diva" attitude drops a players stock.

I'm kind of excited for Ellingson though. He's projected what 3rd round?

Observer, what are you talking about? Gaitor started every game under Coach Collins' Defense!

you guys don't listen to the news? you guys are aware that Collins did put Gaitor on the third team in the summer...

Tell me, Observer, what the hell does it matter where he was on the depth chart in the summer if he lined up against Rutgers' #1 receiver on gameday?! Whipple was listed as the #1 QB in Canes camp this Spring. You willing to bet your house that he's under center come their 2011 opener? If so, there's a nice bridge in Brooklyn I'm willing to let go of if your price is right.

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