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FIU Tennis rolls into Sun Belt tourney as No. 1 seed

The FIU Women's Tennis team vies for its fifth conference title in seven years when the Sun Belt tournament opens in Mobile, Ala., Thursday.

By virtue of the Golden Panthers' No. 1 seeding, FIU (10-6) will have a first-round bye, and will face the winner of Middle Tennessee-Denver on Friday.

The Panthers, who have reached the conference final six straight years, are led by Liset Brito, who is 12-4 on the year, and has won nine of her last 10 matches.

For more information on this weekend's tournament, check out FIUSports.com, where you can find the game notes.


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Dear all 3 fiu fans,



The U

This guy can't even spell Coral Gables.

Hey buddy, I wen't to both UM (undergrad) and FIU (masters) and I can tell you that 99% of UM graduates have no ill-feeling towards FIU, and some openly root for the AD (UM Grad), the Head Football Coach (UM Grad), and the Head Baseball Coach (Built UM Baseball).

So take off your 3-0-5 hat, sell your fake rims, and go back to Hialeah High or to ITT Tech and make sure to get your diploma. Stop making the fans of my alma mater (UM) look like a bunch of 3-0-5 rejects.

Go Canes & Panthers!

LOL Post of the year candidate ^
Nice job UM/FIU I hear you loud and clear



Yep u are right, UM alums don't care about FIU because FIU is not at our level. When you grow up and want to play with the big boys, we will be here to knock you back down!

It always has been and will be, ALL ABOUT THE U!

Btw Im not from Hialeah, I'm from Sweetwater! HAhahahaaaha!! But regardless, I will stop messing with yall, I got better things to do.

For a laugh, Youtube: Cuban interprets Rick Ross.

Sweet home Hialeaaaaahhhh! Only 30 minutes away from FIU...

All about the U!

Coral Gables versus Hialeah/Sweetwater

Helloooo Mcfly, am I the only person that reads fiu's sports blog?

I need company here...I will pay $300 each for fiu fans to join this blog...Anyone, anyone?? Where is Jim Morris double chin, when I need him? Where are you Jacky? Where are u Buc Nasty, Where are you the U?

They are nowhere, because I am all them...I am the only person who reads this damn blog....Everyone else is a fake character...I like talking to myself...Hahaahaa....Do you want to know why I know I am not crazy? Because I know that I am crazy...Hahaahaha, I'm perfectly sane talking to myself in this blog that no one reads...

CrazyCane is back to make this blog relevant...

I just never understood why anybody would trash your own alumna? Can anybody really explain that.

Because they are frustrated with fiu and the way they handle things. Bad service equals a bad review. Plus worst than all is the fiu fans who don't show up for games. Why support a school, when their own students don't suport it???

CC????!!!! You're back?! If that's really you... I never thought I'd say this... but... man, it's nice to hear/read from you. You may be a Cane loving douche... but at least you're witty. lol Welcome back, bud.

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