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FIU's football field has a new name: Alfonso Field at FIU Stadium

Here's a bit of good financial news for FIU in these tough times: The school has secured a naming rights deal for its football field.

For the next five years, Panthers home games will be played at Alfonso Field at FIU Stadium, named after Panthers alum David F. Alfonso, who has provided an undisclosed gift to the athletic department.

Alfonso is chairman and CEO of Empire Investment Holdings, a Miami-based private investment firm.

"We're thrilled that one of our very own grads is so excited that he is now giving back to our athletics program," said FIU president Mark Rosenberg.


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Congrats FIU Football!!!!! Thats great news (but would like to know how much he donated!) I just saw pictures of Joey's#86 Championship Ring. Really nice, so proud of him and the entire football program!!!! GO Panthers! #86

Did joey harris even play special teams this year? Why is this guy always hyping him up?

"sunbelts finest", maybe because kjharris02 is #86's mother. Joey Harris plays tight end, for FIU. Plays special teams, and is loved by the FIU community. Sunbelt finest, who are you? I bet the closest thing to football you ever played was Madden on Xbox. Stop hating.

oh, my bad, that makes sense. still kind of embarrassing to have your mom hyping you up all over the internet when you can't even see the field.

i'm a student and i follow the football team pretty closely, that guy may be "loved" by FIU's internet community but i've never heard of him. 0 catches and 0 tackles in 2010.

She's a fan just like you sunbelt. I'm sure your mom is also proud of you. I don't think that's embarassing, it's just family.

sunbelts finest, your an embarrasment for FIU. For you to be an FIU student you are pretty dumb. You kinda give an apology, but then continue to bash the kid. Say what you want, he is well known at FIU. He may have "0" catches so far, but has some time to become a player, besides he is on scholarship...so keep paying for your classes to pay for his.

Yea, I'm at FIU and I'm telling you none of the students know that guy, he's a scrub.

On the Florida prepaid by the way, I pay my tuition with the loose change in my car.

Investment Holdings, wow, this guy is a total Ponzi-schemer. Look what happened to the Pharmed guys, lol.

Sunbelt Finest your a scrub. I know who you are. Your one of those dudes that is part of Delta Lambda Phi.

Florida pre-paid, you act like you paid for it. Thank mommy and daddy for that, you looser.

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