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Gaitor drafted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After a very long wait, Anthony Gaitor is headed to the NFL.

The FIU cornerback was taken by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the 222nd overall pick, going in the 7th round.

It's a great story for Gaitor, who earlier this week named the Bucs as his top choice.

More to come ....


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Congrats Gaitor!!! Now what about Ellingston....GO Panthers.

Ellingston sucks, he never had a chance, won't even make a practice roster.

Gaitor's never going to see the field on that team but he should be a solid special teams contributer with his size.

Is Antwan Barnes still in the league? That would make two now - isn't that more than FAU??!!

Congrats to Gaitor!

Congrats Gaitor! Go FIU!

wow, congrats gaitor


7th ROUND!


"Is Antwan Barnes still in the league? That would make two now - isn't that more than FAU??!!"

There have been three FIU players drafted Barnes, Williams, and now Gaitor. Barnes(chargers) and Williams(chiefs) are both still in the league.

Yea, I wasn't counting Williams since he's never been on an active NFL roster, but Gaitor should be able to play special teams and Barnes will get picked up by someone too so that'll be 2, 2 more than FAU!

Barnes already plays on the Chargers, and Gaitor will play more than just special teams. The Bucs have selected two corners in the past two years in the 7th round which have had a significant role on the team, E.J. Biggers is one of them. Rhonde Barber is about Gaitor's height and only 7 pounds heavier so I don't think size will be too big of an issue for Gaitor, he can put on 7 pounds. He will probably be a slot corner though.

Na, Barnes is a free agent. But he'll get picked up by someone for sure.

Gaitor will have a bigger impact than Barnes did. One of the receivers that he covered and limited to practically no production, Troy's Jerrel Jernigan, went super high in the draft. Gaitor barely let that fool move -- I think he'll do just fine.

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