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Herald Exclusive: FIU AD Garcia signs five-year extension

Over on MiamiHerald.com, we broke this pretty significant piece of news about the future of FIU athletics (contrary to what you may have read on message boards):

    While the University of Miami’s six-week-old search for a new athletic director continues to drag on,     cross-town FIU has taken steps to keep its department’s leader in place for years to come.

    Last week, FIU athletic director Pete Garcia signed a five-year extension to a contract that would     have expired in October, providing the Miami native with stability, more money – and a new title.

    Garcia is now FIU’s executive director of sports and entertainment, putting him in charge of far more     than just the school’s intercollegiate athletics program.

What do you think about the deal? Good for the university? Feel free to comment below.


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Great for the university!

Pete Garcia has done more for FIU exposure than anyone else at the school.

Maybe besides Kendall Berry.

Get that comment out of here by FICC, some people have no class or respect for the dead. Great news about Pete Garcia!

Great job on the coverage lately Herald. You guys have picked it up, keep up the good work.

hmmm...herald exclusive cause fiusports.com doesn't announce personal moves....hey did the Herald ever confirm the hiring of Todd Orlando as DC of the football team...don't ever remember seeing that...oh wait AB might have been covering FSU in the NCAA tournament or something else....oh well...good job....too bad you have to claim an exclusive on something no one else can write about

Very good for the program. PG has the vision, and more importantly the drive, to maximize FIU's potential.

Pete Garcia's indeed a very good choice for the FIU. He's done much before, he'll do more today and in the future, all for the greater good of FIU.

What about news of Coach Cristabal??? He's got a contract coming up too??? GO Panthers!

Este senor Garcia es un mafioso. Noooooooo, el siempre esta en mi restaurant con mujeres different. Nosotros lo llamamos el Chulo Pete.

Garcia got disclipned by the ex president. yet he gets rewarded by a better contract. Wow bunch of idiots in fiu.

All about the U!

I am sure if Garcia lets a rapist still play, he will let isiah aka sexual harrassment lawsuit waiting to happend loser coach do his thing too. fiu when will u finish that crap half (actually 1/3 built) stadium? Never cuz nobody will ever go to games to watch garbage...

better than a team filling only a 1/3 of a pro stadium.. btw.. didnt you guys finish witht he same record in football as FIU..? o wait u all didnt win your conference? o wait you all didnt win your bowl game?... ya we are garbage? dude ur becoming average at best.. so before you all go start talking trash go evaluate your own chaos in your dept.

I lick Sebastian's balls. Um Um Rico!

Funny how someone making fun of FIU knows so much about our program. What a loser...obviously a closet fan. Ha!

I don't like posting on this blog for my personal reasons bit couldn't resist calling out this clown.

Why does a community college with 90% of its students still living at home with their parents think that it's such a huge advantage that they have a stadium on campus?

UM was terrible last year, the worst they've been in 30 years. They still got 26,000 people out to their last game against USF, more than FIU has ever gotten for any of their home games.

Same record? Please, we can't all play every game against second rate community colleges, I think there was one common game last year, UM beat Pitt 31-3, how did FIU do?

In UM's only sold out home game they were crushed, it was over by halftime.

Let's be serious, the only reason UM fans talk trash of FIU is because they can't talk they are owned by UF and FSU. They want to feel superior so they pick on FIU.

In FIU's only sold out home game...oh, wait.

UM isn't owned by anyone, don't pretend to know what's going on with real teams.

Yes they are, for example the Noles have beaten Miami 3 straight at UM's home field and the last one was 45-17, by half time the stadium was half empty. When you guys beat a real team then you could brag, you guys lost to UVA 1-7 in the ACC UVA.

No, Miami owns FSU. For example Miami beat FSU six times in a row before FSU won 4 of 6. For example Miami has won 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS while FSU has only won two, and Miami won has won one more recently. For example Miami has had 35 consensus All-Americans compared to FSU's 32.

Miami and FSU are real teams with a real rivalry, you couldn't possibly understand what that means or what determines the upper hand.

Good luck with Duke next year.

FSU doesn't even see you as their real rivals no more, they circle the Gators on their calender, trust me ima FSU fan, and i got connections at Tally. You guys are nowhere close to even having a close game to FSU. Look at the recruiting, and look at the results, so are you serious you want to go there?
You also ignored the fact that you guys lost to UVA, and you guys lost 3 straight to finish your season. Also Shannon gets kicked out after fixing UM's academic perception.

Again piping up from the kiddy's table, it's been established for decades, FSU is Miami's rival, UF is FSU's rival, and Miami is UF's rival that's just the way it is, regardless of what your "connections" tell you.

Nowhere close to having a close game to FSU? We beat them two years ago and we're going to beat them again this year. Recruiting? UM had the #1 class in the country in 2008, haven't won anything yet. UF had the #1 class in the country in 2010 and they had the same record as UM last year. FSU has the #1 recruiting class this year, we'll see what they do with it. FIU will never, ever be able to recruit a player that one of those other three schools wants.

And yea, UM sucked last year, although they were obviously still better than FIU will ever be, but they fired their coach and they're on their way back again. What's FIU got on the horizon? Fingers crossed for a sole claim to the Sunbelt championship and a trip to the R+L Carriers Bowl next year?

I'd say that beats having absolutely no idea what to expect for your next season, wouldn't you?

Also, you realize you forever shot any point you'll ever make in the foot for your first comment in this thread? Way to stay classy.

I lick Roary's balls...Um Um Rico!!

A hardy chuckle is had everytime I read a scUM fan on these blogs point to scUM's 5 championships in any current context. Pretty soon that'll be like your grandfather talking about the 1972 Dolphins. Step into the 2nd decade of this century scUM fans, those Jimmy Johnson pictures up on your walls have been gathering dust for over a decade now.

Last UM Game at the Orange Bowl:

University of Virginia: 48
scUM: 0


No. I would not say that knowing you're going to suck every year bears not knowing if you're going to be good again.

A guy named "scUM" says to stop living in the past? Our program is clean now, this isn't the 80s anymore. And there's no need to live in the fast on this forum because the present and forseeable future of FIU football is playing a bunch of teams no one has ever heard of and losing to every real team you play.

Clean program?




FIU is playing Texas A&M, Duke, Louisville, UCF, and Pittsburgh all at home in the next few seasons. I guess no one has ever heard of those teams either.

Enjoy playing Bethune Cookman again.

Yea, but FIU isn't going to win any of those games.

And enjoy playing "insert the name of every single Sunbelt Conference team here" again.

I really wish UM would grow some balls and play FIU. I wouldn't expect FIU to win, but it doesn't seem completely out of the realm considering the direction both programs are clearly headed in.

If not a win, FIU will surely give them one hell of a scare. I understand UM's fear, I would want to play FIU either if I was UM.


No one knows what direction UM is headed in, they just hired a new coach this year.

UM has to pay terrible teams like FIU and Bethune Cookman millions of dollars for the easy win, why on earth would they pay that much only to risk a bunch of players with an inferiority complex starting another fight and making us (and only us because no one cares about FIU nationally) look bad?

Virginia 48
Miami 0

There's obviously nothing good you can say about FIU or bad about UM besides that one game that happened four years ago.

Must suck to have that to hang your hat on.

How about UM's last three games?

Notre Dame 33 - UM 17 (CBS)
USF 23 - UM 20 (ESPNU)
VT 31 - UM 17 (ESPN)

How about we toss in FSU 45, UM 17 (ABC) for good measure?

Not only do the locals know the downward spiral that the UM program is in, but the entire country knows as well thanks to our dear friends at CBS, ESPN and ABC.

FIU? We went 5-1 in our last six games, including what many claim to be the season's best bowl game.

Just sayin'.

FICC why don't you go find ways to extend Jim Morris so some big time program like Texas Tech looking for a coach doesn't poach yours. Besides, you're the only one in this whole conversation that does not have a side. You attended neither FIU nor UM.

Quijote, again, you have no idea what the trajectory of UM football is, nobody does. WE JUST HIRED A NEW COACH! We all know what trajectory FIU is in - another couple decades of Sunbelt glories and moral victories against real teams.

Who cares about baseball, I don't even know how many national championships we have, college baseball is a joke.

And yea, of course I went to UM. It's funny how unfathomable it is for FIU fans that people actually get into and can afford UM, but thousands do it every year!

Yo, FICC...are you serious??? Looking at all of your post and the time of them, I can say that you are not employed and have no life. I feel sorry for you having to come to our site to talk trash. I guess it makes you feel better, truth is FIU is here to stay; and we are growing. We have more upside than UM.

Ohhh yeah, were also not scared of playing you guys. Go ask the UM hanchos why they wont play FIU. I feel real sorry for you man, your living in the past. Your not even top 5 in the state anymore.

I don't like what I'm seeing out of you lot.

News Flash:

In case anyone hasn't heard, Cristobal signed a four year contract with Temple. I guess any school is better than FIU.

Wow can't believe he left us...

FICC, its not incredulous that someone can get into UM. It’s not even much of an accomplishment, I was simply playing the odds and there is a .9 probability that you did not attend, that’s it.

I think its time to re evaluate your life when you start going on the internet masked as someone else, making up a dream life. You can lie in the anonymity of the internet but you can never escape how sad your life is. Good luck with all you are dealing with at this time, I mean it.

No, you're right, I'm not employed, I'm in grad school and on the internet all day waiting on blast searches and phylogenetic alignments to run.

Clearly you don't know anything about football though, not top 5 in the state??!! UM had the same horrible record as UF last year, but even accepting your ridiculous premise, lets say UM is behind FSU, UF, USF, and UCF. Who else are we behind? Barry University? University of Tampa? Get out of here with that noise.

Appreciate your concern TXgoldenpanther, I need all the pity and encouragement I can get!

FICC, hahahahahahah your a Dork!!!!! I feel sorry for you man. Get a life.

BTW, you guys finally got an AD. Your search for a basketball coach has not lead to anything, you keep getting turned down,.. and oh yes..10 years since you have won anything at football. Your 6th behind FIU, reason being is your program is YELLOW. Your scared of us, ask your people why they dont play FIU. Enyoy your dorky life, dork.

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