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More FIU Draft: Q&A with Greg Ellingson

Q: This time next week, you could be a member of an NFL team. How stoked are you?

ELLINGSON: “It’s pretty exciting. I’m trying not to look too much into it. Teams have interest in me, asking what my draft day phone number is. It’s exciting, but I’m not trying to get too hyped up about it. If it happens, I’ll be super excited.”

What teams have called you in for a visit?

“The Dolphins, Bucs, and Jaguars. They went really well. The Jags, I met pretty much everyone. I didn’t do that with every team. I think there were only two other receivers they called in, so as long as I impressed them better than they did, I’ve got a good shot.

Did they have you work out?

“I didn’t with the Jags, but did with the Bucs and Dolphins. They had me do some routes, do some drills. The Dolphins also had be do some special teams stuff. Then I went inside and they had me draw some plays on the board to see what offense is like.”

Do you think it’ll be a challenge going from a spread offense to a pro-style?

“Not really. Each team is a little different. Being with a spread offense, it helps out, because I know my coverages. I know how to react if the defense rolls its coverages. They know that I’m an NFL-ready guy. If you’re an NFL ready guy, you’re able to convert your route. That’s something we did here.”

I understand you’re from Tampa. What would it be like to go play for them?

“It was cool to go work out for the Bucs. I went to a lot of the games. Went to the games when they looked like Creamsicles. I became a Miami fan being here for four years, and ideally staying in Florida, would be great. But I think my best position would be with Jags. They don’t have too much depth at receiver. The top two guys are set, but the three, four and five spots are open. I want to be able to play, not just be on the bench.”

If you don’t get drafted, it sounds like you’d have a good chance to catch on as a rookie free agent. But you wouldn’t be able to sign with a team until the lockout ends, right?

“My agent was explaining all that for me. It’s complicated. I’m just going to stay working out, stay in shape. I’ll be happy as long as I get a chance.”


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