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NFL Draft, Day 3 -- LIVE BLOG

Back for one more day, but it's the longest day of them all, with four rounds of picking ahead of us, beginning at noon.

It's also the most important day for Anthony Gaitor and Greg Ellingson, the two FIU players most likely to be taken this year. Gaitor likely won't last long today (he's expected to go in Round 4), while Ellingson seems destined for the latter part of the day.

I'm double-dipping with Heat today, but I'll do my best to stay on top of the developments.

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Good Luck to both Gaitor and Ellingson !! GO FIU !!

Any news yet on Gaitor?? Good luck all FIU Players

Gaitor still undrafted. Looks like no NFL team respects us or the teams we play. I mean Miami has had eight guys drafted, including a punter and a tight end who never saw the field. What the hell is going on?

Your players aren't any good.

And they lost to every good team they played. Every year.

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