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Odds and ends from FIU Baseball

Couple of quick hitters ...

First, FIU's home game against Florida Memorial Tuesday has been scrapped in favor of a May 11 date with Stetson. For the Panthers' postseason hopes, this is huge, considering FlaMo isn't a D-I school, while Stetson (29-7, RPI of  21), is a likely Regional team.

Also, here's the game story from Sunday's 11-5 victory over ULL.

Finally, when we hear any news from Garrett Wittels' preliminary hearing over in the Bahamas, we'll pass along the update.


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Thanks for the info guys, hopefully we beat Stetson and raise our RPI a little bit more.

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UM fans,

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Oh yeah, 50+ game hitting streak, what a grand failure. lol

He'll be playing in the majors, and that streak along with his upcoming acquittal, will contribute to the reality.

How's that basketball coach hiring going? Not only did the Harvard coach decline the "opportunity", but apparently the coach at Wisconsin-Milwaukee has declined the "opportunity", or lack thereof.

The U doesn't matter anymore, to anybody. Sad, but true.

Oh yea what has Isiah done? He should star in the movie:


More than you will ever understand.

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The U stars in the new epic failure:

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Jim Morris is sexxy what ya talking about, plus he fired your whack coach turtle. The U doesnt need him. We don't make a lauging stock out of our school by hiring a controversial basketball coach. Coach Cristobal was wanted at the U.

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As for firing our "whack coach", the only College World Series that Double Chin Jim has won has been with turtle and turtle's recruits. His best seasons while coaching at Ga Tech?... Seasons with Turtle and Turtle's recruits... So obviously, your boy cant get it done without our "whack coach".

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Not sure what you're to spell there buddy! Good try though.

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