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Update | Northwestern QB Elgin Hilliard picks FIU


Elgin Hilliard confirmed to me Wednesday night that he is "100 percent certain" and is excited about coming to FIU in the future.

"It's a local school. A lot of ours players from Northwestern went there," he said. "I want to stay as close to home as possible."


According to ESPN's Corey Long, Northwestern junior quarterback Elgin Hilliard committed to FIU on Wednesday.

"I committed to FIU today," Hilliard told ESPN. "It's close to home and I think it's the right situation for me to go in and compete."

Hilliard will take the helm for the Bulls next season replacing Teddy Bridgewater. Hilliard does not have a ton of experience at QB, backing up Bridgewater for the last two years. Hilliard is listed at 6-3, 180 pounds.



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Sounds like UM is already stacked at QB. Great pick for FIU.

E.J. might be the biggest "coup" ever for FIU, he played very little behind Bridgewater last season, but is the better pure passer/QB. Teddy is an incredible athlete, but E.J. will prove to be the better QB in college.

He went 30-40 for 8 TD's and 500 yards in the 3 games he subbed for Bridgewater when he was injured season. 6'3"/180lbs and room to fill out.

Highly underrated, but the usual suspects will come calling once his senior season is over. Congratulations to Cristobal and his staff on an awesome commit !!!

Great news but it's WAYYYYY too early to get too excited. Hopefully MC will receive a LOI with his signature on it come Signing Day next year...

FIU is bad and I like UM and UM is good.

But U scUM always manage to keep tabs on us...

See you in a bowl game sooner or later, dah mighty U cannot decline a bowl game against FIU. So we win no matter what. A loss would bury scUM for good...keep hating, it's only a matter of time.

Hilliard is a stud. He more than made up for the disappearance of Bridgewater when Teddy was injured, and he has impressed everyone who has seen him at the Elite 11 and Nike 7-on-7 camps. I hope to see him in the Blue and Gold in 2012, welcome to FIU EJ!

"FIU is bad and I like UM and UM is good."

....well how can we argue against that

Good to have Hilliard commit to FIU so early, he's going to be an outstanding QB.

Welcome to the family.



Sorry flu 12, but FIU isn't eligible for an NCAA Div I national championship because there is no such thing. Only invitations to bowl games. I wish there was one though.

Either way, great signing for the program.

It's very early in the recruiting season. Let's not forget Rakeem Cato and Dylan Warner were among FIU's first verbal commits last year. Neither ended up signing with FIU.

At the same time, no FIU fans knew anything about Loranzo Hammond at this time last year. He's the QB FIU ended up signing.

Hilliard is a nice pickup for now. But let me caution fans that FIU is the only school to give him an offer. If he plays well, he will start getting offers from other schools. Let's see if he keeps this commitment. Conversley, if he doesn't have a good senior year, does FIU look at other quarterbacks? A lot of things can happen between now and next February.


Sir with all due respect, yes EJ has one offer but the FIU staff has been on him earlier and more often than anyone else and they know what they are getting. Other programs want a larger sample size, FIU does not need it, they have seen him since 9th grade at the WEST and know he can be better than Jacory and Teddy.

He is a next level guy that can play as a frosh. Cato and Warner are not even close.

Yes- other programs will be watching closely. This kid is going to torch defenses this fall. Let's all hope nobody gets into his ear and sways his commitment.

Welcome to FIU E.J. !!

@FIU Football

Sir with all due respect, FIU coaches had been all over Rakeem Cato. FIU was the first school to offer Cato. They wanted him bad. Cato made the quick commitment. But once he started getting offers from other schools, including Cincinnati and Marshall, he made it clear his commitment was shaky and he eventually jumped ship.

I have seen Hilliard play and he is not ready to play as a frosh at the college level. He's way to skinny and needs to work in the weightroom. I think he will eventually become a good college QB.

By the way, you should welcome E.J. once he signs his letter of intent and officially enrolls. Hope he does because he is a good player. But there's a long way to go in the process. If he gets an offer from a BCS program, that FIU commitment will get awfully shaky. Not being a hater. Just being honest.

@MSP - your PESSIMISM is why you FAIL...

Sir, how old are you? Is it possible to have a semi-intelligent conversation with you? I guess not. I'm not saying E.J. isn't coming to FIU. I personally want him to come. I'm an FIU alum and want to see the program do well.

But I'm also educated on the recruiting process. I've known several friends and other people who've gone through it. A verbal commitment is not binding. It just means E.J. likes FIU right now. That doesn't mean he's coming here. Seventeen-year-old kids change their minds more frequently than they change their clothes.

He may very well honor his commitment and come to FIU. But you're extremely naive if you don't think Hilliard is going to get other offers from bigger programs. If he's as good as you think, he will.

Also, I don't think he's good enough to start as a freshman. He needs a couple of years to learn the offense and work in the weightroom. He's not as developed as a Jake Medlock nor is he as athletic as Loranzo Hammond. But that doesn't mean he can't be a good QB down the road.

I just have to laugh when people are welcoming him to FIU when he hasn't signed a letter of intent yet. I'm just saying it's a long way until February.

Good pick up... We dont need him to start off the bat... Let him develop and gain weight and he'll be good... Great pick up... The kid is talented...

#FIU: You're a dirtbag.
You say "it's only a matter of time" - what are you referring to...? Are you ACTUALLY SAYING that FIU is going to replace UM in Miami?
Again, you're not only a dirtbag, but you have the brains of a total moron.

You just got a junior commit whose unknown, who hasn't played a down of high school football, and "it's just a matter of time"??

You FIU MORONS make me laugh over and over and over again.

OK, you won the Little Caeser's Bowl last year - VS TOLEDO...did you hear me...? TOLEDO!

You people really, truly are IGNORANT!!

Yeah, it's only a matter of time...you had to give season tickets away to anyone who went to the "Big Rutgers" game last year.....yep, it's only a matter of time....YOU STUPID MORON!


Hey MORON!!! Don't you have something else better to do then to bash FIU Football...University of Miami started their football program I believe in 1926 and they didn't get their first championship until 1983...It took 57 years!!!! So why don't you stop bashing FIU and go drive up to Sun Life Stadium and jump off head first!!

Not sure why the Herald allows these scUm trollers onto the FIU blog. Go read your own blog to find out who the 'transfer-out/arrest of the day' is.

Don't get ahead of yourself...FIU to play for a NC? Really, you guys have to be smoking some really good stuff to make that stretch.

Don't forget they didn't call it FIU for nothing....F..orever I..nferior to da.. U.

I guess I can understand it from the standpoint that playing for FIU in the SunBelt is a lot like playing in High School and the kid feels comfortable with that level of competition. LOL!

@BLUE AND GOLD: Hey, MORON, I'm not bashing FIU football at all, and if you had a brain, you would be able to figure that out!
I'm bashing #FIU for his totally ignorant comments about how UM is supposedly "afraid" to play FIU...I'm bashing him/her on how "it's only a matter of time" - as if FIU is going to dethrone UM from our fan base here in South Florida....and, all because they got a commit from an unknown high school football junior.
I BASH FIU FANS for their total ignorance and stupid, "know-nothing" remarks....for acting like UM is afraid to play FIU in anything...PLEASE....all 1,000 of you in the FIU fan base...get real, will you?
To listen to an FIU fan, one would think that it was FIU who has ever WON SOMETHING....and, until FIU wins something of major significance, I will continue to baah FIU fans for ignorant comments.....so, here's your bash: Read what I wrote before you say something...KNOW that you're talking about before you spew your garbage....MY COMMENTS ARE BASED ON TRUTHS, NOT FAIRY-TALES, OK!
Now, get lost....you're an insult to knowledgable college football/sports fans everywhere!!

FIUFan: they "allow" UM fans into this site because this is a free country. This is not "Castro University" like FIU (wink!).

Please...hold up more signs in SPANISH at football games played in the USA!

Next thing we'll hear is how your baseball team is going to win the CWS this year....last year, your wonderfully unknowledgable fans proclaimed: "We're going to the Coral Gables Regional and going to beat UM, right on their own field" - yeah, sure...that will really happen.

Sun Belt, baby....SUN BELT!

Let me give some of you FIU fans who say that FIU is "superior to UM" and how "it's only a matter of time" - last football season, UM and FIU played a similar foe: PITTSBURGH, @ PITT...Miami, who's had down years, including last year, beat Pitt 31-3 (like I said, on the road).....FIU got blasted something like 44-10 @ Pitt.....and, FIU fans are talking about how their program is "on the rise" and "it's only a matter of time before they take over"....this is WHY I bash FIU FANS...I don't have a gripe with the teams AT ALL...it's these ignorant, know-nothing "so-called" fans....you know, the ones that the Sun Belt had to bail out because FIU couldn't come close to selling 1,000 tickets to the bowl game in Detroit last year....THOSE FANS!

Back to your comment....you see, this is how a newspaper works in this country: EVERYONE CAN READ IT, and when they have a comment blog on it, EVEN EVERYONE CAN RESPOND TO IT...nice how that works in this country, huh?



I guess your one of those people who feels like such a big man over the computer. I guess you are one of those that thinks they are "experts" in college football. I can probably even guess that you are one of those that probably didn't go to UM nor go to FIU. You are prbably one of those who didn't even get into college and now is being supported by welfare. Hey good for you...EVERYONE lets give a round of applause for UMike aka Mr. Big guy on the computer. Great Job UMike way to show all those FIU fans how cool and tough you are on the computer!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

Is Storm Johnson comming?

That would be great.

Let me begin I am an FIU student. I never liked UM and grew up a die-hard FSU fan and still is. If FSU and FIU played, I would be in Scarlett and Gold.

I respect you the U, overall and I understand most of FIU's fan and I am one are dreamers. Let them dream. The Sun Belt isn't crap but if FIU can dominate then they can move up but FIU has to manhandle everybody and it just isn't happening for sometime if ever.

UM has 5 national championships. FIU fans respect that. UM hasn't been the same since they moved to the ACC and I don't know why.

FIU fans we are proud and in spirit but we have to show love even through despair like UF and FSU. Every game I would like to be packed.

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