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Ivan comes to Isiah

Got the wife off to jury duty, the kid off to camp, hit the Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries (two bowls), dishwasher going, now down to business.

While I was scouring for the "Give Me the Night" video for my post on the swimming and diving recruiting class, the men's basketball team's scouring for talent paid off with a 2013 verbal commitment from Ivan Canete, a 6-3 point guard out of Boca Raton Grandview Prep. Canete's on MaxPreps.com's 2013 Players to Watch and has been designated by the site as a Top Underclassman. He averaged 12.1 points, 4.7 assists, 2.0 steals and 1.5 blocks and 7.9 rebounds per game last season for Grandview's 27-3 team. 

While they're still trying to pull in kids for 2012, Isiah Thomas' staff has picked up what appears to be an early flower for 2013. To paraphrase Carl the assistant greenskeeper, "So they got that going for them. Which is nice."

I'll have more about Mr. Canete later. 



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Thanks for the information, David! A point guard for a good program with "big guy" stats (rebounds and blocks). Good deal.

Welcome (back, since it's my thought you used to cover FIU hoops a while back....) to covering FIU Athletics for your paper.

Yep, I covered FIU from 1989-93. The campus had about 30 percent of its current buildings. The baseball stadium resembled more the creaky fields my mother's recreational slow pitch softball teams played on when I was growing up. I really liked the architecture almost new basketball/volleyball arena back then and still do. The size, though, I found depressing until I saw the (and we use this term loosely) crowds, which were more depressing.

I really enjoyed the players, coaches and staff back then, so it was a fun beat. Good people trump good buildings.

Great to see you part of the Herald's FIU coverage team. Looking forward to your coverage Mr. Neal.

Good stuff. Thanks for the update!

So far so good.:-)I like your writing DJN. I see traffic increasing to this blog. Thanks.

Thanks for update! Glad to see FIU updates.

Welcome back David, and thanks for the story on this very early of early commits.

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