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Breaking news: Report: Wittels' case to be dropped

Miami Herald writer Adam H. Beasley is reporting that the case against FIU baseball player Garrett Wittels will be dropped.

Excerpt below.

Prosecutors announced in Bahamian court Wednesday that rape charges filed against Wittels, FIU’s star shortstop, and friends Robert Rothschild and Jonathan Oberti will be dropped Monday, his lawyer Richard Sharpstein told The Miami Herald.

Full story here.



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Good stuff

Always allow the judicial process to do its role before condeming anyone!

Finally, some news.

Justin - did you finally get over your hangover from Ultra and decide to do a story?


How come no mention of this article about Coach Cristobal????

wow... what's gotten into the New Times?

Here we come. Go FIU!

What B.S. - Miami is "sucking it up" because they finished 7-6 against real teams yet FIU is "planting their flag in the nation's college-football-watching psyche" because they finished 7-6 against JuCo ones?

Keep dreaming,
It's all about the direction the program is headed towards. 12 years ago 7-6 would be a disaster for Miami and fans would have burned the stadium in anger. Now it's: "well at least it’s against real teams" (although no one would mistake the ACC for real competition). Keep the same lackadaisical attitude towards us while we sneak up on you. I love it

There's no sneaking up, believe me, if FIU ever has a respectable team the city of Miami will take notice.

Of course as far as Miami football fans go the only respectable teams are ones competing for National Championships.

I just saw Justin @ Club Space trolling. Adam, he must have been abducted by aliens or still looking for a glory hole.

When he was accused of rape back in December, it was front page on the herald website. The charges are dropped, not even front page of the sports section. The MH is biased against FIU

Also, when the hell is there going to be an article about FIU, about anything???

Seriously, this blog is sucking bad. I want Pete Peligrin back...Bring back a real reporter...Bring back Pete

There are tumbleweeds blowing through this blog. A faint heartbeat can be heard if you listen closely. The Miami Herald is dying a slow, painful death.


Thanks for adding no value to this blog justin

Nice job deleting your last post Justin...Too bad I already screen shot it.... better luck next time and I recommend doing your real job instead of telling people what to do…

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