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B-ball man bounces from the EU to LA to FIU

I spent yesterday supervising the re-installation of our hi-def dish and scrambling on about three other non-FIU stories, so I missed the late morning LA Times blog post spotted by Prowl poster J, saying 6-11 center Gilles Dierickx had received a 2011 scholarship offer from FIU and was expected to commit.

I just got confirmation this morning that they received the verbal commitment late Tuesday night. Dierickx, a native of Belgium, is out of West Hills Chaminade in the LA area and was ranked No. 19 among California recruits by MaxPreps.com. He averaged 13.2 points, 9.2 rebounds and 3.2 blocks per game for a 14-15 team.

Here's some video on Gilles...


And another video for women and men of a certain age and all who beat the alarm clock...




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Lol, old school. Thought you'd school the youngsters on how we did it back in the day, lol. I like your attitude DJN. I've got to be careful or I'm going to date myself. Great news on the B-ball front. Isiah could really make some noise down here if he sticks around.

I am just an FIU fan, nobody important but I still voice my opinion with that said. Thanks DJN for warning us that the last video is not FIU related. I know I am being blunt but hey I feel that this blog is not annoying like your last and I'll take heat for it (as I am accustomed to for constantly standing up to some things others won't) but if I don't you might miss a point of view that others share with me.

Thanks DJN for responding.

Panther97, don't worry about dating yourself. There's nothing wrong with being middle-aged or old as long as you don't grow up.

Luis, I don't know how the videos appear on your computer. On mine, they appear with a title at the top and a preview frame. If you can't read well enough to tell from that title and frame whether the video is tied in some way to FIU, then, frankly, I can't help you. Opine all you want. If you think I'm going to change, you haven't read me much in my 22 years at The Herald.

Great get by Coach Thomas. Hope he keeps them coming.

Do your thing, DJN. Most of us like your style. It doesn't always have to be so serious around here! I appreciate some of the entertainment you incorporate to your blog posts.

Did you get offended yet again DJN? I thanked you for giving us a heads up and actually I have read your articles for years (I was a big Fl. Panther fan at one time as a matter of fact I would read your articles nearly every day for years).

DJN is the man!! I love this guy. This is what a blog is. Thanks for getting me my basketball info. I'm glad your running this.

Thanks, TN. I try to keep things light unless the subject is truly serious.

Luis, I have taken no offense to anything you've written other than the attempt to drop an f-bomb without actually dropping it. Go on and do your thing.

Since nothing is working on any of my stories, I might as well go get what little hair I've got cut.

I for one would like to thank Louis for standing up (as he is accustomed to) for the sixth of a dozen of us who were born without the ability to discern whether a video with the screen shot "also starring Michael Douglas" is related to FIU or not.

The rest of you can't possibly understand how difficult it is flipping through the channels and having to watch entire episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey before finally realizing that it's not related to FIU. The disappointment. The anger. The sense of betrayal. These are a daily reality for us.

Stand strong Louis - we shall persevere!

Can't see the videos (probably behind a firewall at work or something) but dig the style DJN. Hopefully this is the beginnning of a beautiful friendship.

All this talk about Buc Nasty and I being the same person and multiple usernames etc. The only person really using multiple usernames is DJN. Look at all those kiss butt posts obviously they are his lol. Best writer? R u kidding me man? lol. These people were never here before.

I'm scared to "drop the f-bomb." So scared.

LMAO @Buc Nasty.

Oh those were DJN actual links I see. I thought you were making fun of his random quirky links.

Thanks Buc Nasty you are such a swell guy and so full of wonderful humor.

Just trying to help, I was actually impressed with the big man's shooting stroke - he'll pay dividends for whoever takes over the smoldering mess Isaiah Thomas eventually leaves behind when he departs to be a sweat mopper at Madison Square Gardens.

I do have jokes though - here's one DJN would love:


.....Buc Nasty.....smh......
On a serious note, great post DJN.

Does anyone know if Dierickx will count as a commit for this years class?

Great writing style and way to give credit to the fan for breaking the story.

BIG QUESTION: Do you know if he will play for us this upcoming season? I don't mean qualify, I mean is he part of this years class? MaxPreps has him ranked as a senior, and we could really use the height.

He'll be part of the 2011 class. I'll have to remember to ask him if he's a distant cousin of Jacky Ickx.

Now after that moment that sent the more curious among you to Google, back to writing Golf Spotlight and listening to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," the greatest rainy day album ever. (some of us would remove the "rainy day" part...)

You're a weirdo and nobody cares. You logged onto one of your many accounts David J. Neal but it wasn't the DJN one. You just have to becareful you do not write under your cheerleader accounts when the question is intended for DJN. Gotta keep it together Mr. DJN!

Oh, my goodness, Buc Nasty, I just watched that again last night! Love the way that flick is shot. And being a big Flash fan, I liked the use of Silver Age comic books before and after Frank uses the "Barry Allen" alias.

Luis, if you think between being a staff writer and active father that I have the time to sit on this blog and write fake posts, you need to 12-step off to the nearest meeting. I just figured out how to post comments using my week and a half old TypePad account (I'm an old guy, can be a bit slow about these newfangled things). Before that, I commented the way others like you do.

Back to Marvin...

I don't really care about FIU, I just wanted to see what you're spinning now...just kidding guys, juuust kidding.

still have 1 scholarship for the 2011 class. Holding it for Darnell Harris. Hopefully, his grades will be fine to enroll in the fall. He's Ferguson 2.0 and will present plenty of mismatches. Thanks DJN for the shout out.

Tom Hanks drops that f-bomb with such timing and flourish that not even DJN can take offense - masterful work.

I thought I was a hater but I concede to Silky Louis:


What's wrong with this blog? lol the posts are painful to read (for the most part). It's like listening to pre-schoolers argue about nonsense.

FIU Fan brought up a good point DJN. You may want to start screening the bloggers for multiple identities. These buffoons add very little value to the blog yet are relentless in their stupidity.

You are right it has gotten ridiculous. I just mentioned that I didn't like how the writer would write so much about irrelevant garbage.

I think the questions you asked Pete Gracia were very good.

*you (DJN)

chrisfiu - probably the fourth time I've posted this - if anyone checks, I have never used any other screen name besides this one.

I'm sure everyone appreciates your input though, it added a lot of value to the blog, lots of insight into FIU sports, can't thank you enough.



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