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Ellingson signs with Jacksonville

Missed this a few days ago. The Jacksonville Jaguars came to terms with former FIU wide receiver Greg Ellingson on Thursday. I'm going to try to track down Greg on Monday and put together an interview for the blog.



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Signed on July 26, so yeah, missed it by a few days.
It was somewhere between your McD's 49 cent burgers and the chat with Rick Sanchez.

Lol, he said this om his Facebook when the lockout was lifted. Tsk tsk,have to look out for our own.

ChiaPanther, snide comments work better when they're accurate. Justin posted this. I'm the one who hits MickeyD's on Wednesdays and posted the Sanchez deal.

Oh, and, on the 26th, I was still on vacation.

Well, Thank you DJN for the correction. We knew that it was not you. It's not your style. 59 cent cheeseburgers? I would go with the 49 cents hamburgers. They are much healthier for you.

Just looking out for you, DJN you are the best blogger sice Pete Pelegrin.

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