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Wittels Mucking It Up

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: This was all confirmed Saturday night during a late dinner. But after fajitas, fell asleep, so I haven't posted said confirmation until now. Back to the original Saturday night post below....

As I sit here listening to the cool themes from several Quinn Martin shows, I'm trying to confirm a text message I got while showering off the funk of a day spent mostly at Miami Beach's Flamingo Park (where goddesses and gods walk our Earth as lifeguards who watch over my daughter and taught her to swim): Garrett Wittels has signed with the St. Louis Cardinals organization and will be assigned to the Batavia Muckdogs in the short-season New York-Penn League.

This would reunite Wittels with former FIU teammate Jeremy Patton, who is batting .315 with 11 RBI, a .444 slugging percentage, but also seven strikeouts.

Wittels had one year of eligibility left at FIU, but it's no shock he'll be moving on from the suburbs adjacent to Sweetwater. Looking at the draft, there's no doubt that had he not had the sexual assault charges in the Bahamas hanging over his head, Wittels would've been drafted. Once those were dropped, he was free to go in more ways than one.

To close this post, not an epilogue, but a nod to the show that taught me the meaning of the word, "epilogue."



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Good for him. Congrats to GW and his family. I know he loves FIU, so we'll still see him around.

gw call dad everyday and tell him what you doing that stupid episode cost him plenty more than you know,and its not over.

David Neal, you're really an entertaining writer, how'd you get stuck covering this crummy school and this crummy blog?

If it's such a crummy school and crummy blog, why the hell are you spending your crummy, stupidttime posting...

You sound like a moron and you probably are...

Because I'm a hater.


Seriously though there are like six people who read this blog including me, David Neal's a good writer, just don't understand why he's stuck here.

I'm reading it because I thought it was an actual story instead of a blog, but obviously its horribly written, I would have liked to know what round he was drafted in or if he was even drafted at all..... As a result, my IQ has dropped because I just read this blog.

NOBODY effin cares!

"But after fajitas, fell asleep, so I haven't posted said confirmation until now. Back to the original Saturday night post below....

As I sit here listening to the cool themes from several Quinn Martin shows, I'm trying to confirm a text message I got while showering off the funk of a day spent mostly at Miami Beach's Flamingo Park (where goddesses and gods walk our Earth as lifeguards who watch over my daughter and taught her to swim):"

Please, please do not write things irrelevant to FIU sports. C'mon man, why should I even have to mention this?

Please do not continue to write paragraphs talking about things we don't care about. That video has nothing to do with FIU sports.

Cristos, you guys finally have a writer who's the least bit entertaining and you dump on him for actually writing a blog entry instead of just copying and pasting parts of a dry, boring sports article.

There is NOTHING going on right now sports-wise and this guy has more traffic on this blog than ever (honestly, go back and try to find a pre-Neal post with more than 8 entries).

Y'all are ridiculous - so much hate.

Johnny, perhaps your IQ dropped from reading another blog post, because you clearly didn't read this one. Your questions about Wittels and the draft were pretty much answered in the sentence that began, "Looking at the draft..."

Loyal FIU Fan, I'm sorry if you feel I've soiled the blog with a link or video that doesn't have blood relation to Golden Pantherhood. Then, don't watch it. If you don't want to read this blog, don't. There are different ways to do a blog, just as there are different styles of writing. Over at On Frozen Pond, George Richards is likely to include photos and videos of non-hockey things he references in getting out Panthers/NHL news just as Armando Salguero's more straightforward style works for him at Dolphins in Depth. Both do a good job. I'm going to have fun with this blog while passing along information, just as I try to have some fun in writing most stories. It's the reason The Herald recruited me back when FIU used to kick off its basketball season with a banquet catered by Joe's Stone Crab so I stick with it.

Buc Nasty, I got stuck writing this blog and on this beat the same way I got the Panthers beat and the same way I got off the Panthers beat: I asked for it and people above me thought it was a good idea (that or they couldn't come up with a good enough reason to say "No.")

Oh, and Loyal FIU Fan...watch the language. Save the cutesy ways of cursing without cursing for Twitter.


I've been on this blog forever, since Pete Pelegrin's days. The FIU community is very happy to have you covering FIU.

I will also inform you that "BUC NASTY" and "LOYAL FIU FAN" is the same person. DJN, you will quickly realize how many UM fans come on this board and pretend to be someone else. What's going on here is a UM fan who can't believe the Herald has assigned one of their best writers to help cover FIU and therefore is trying to stir the pot and write discouraging things about you. He's hoping that you'll take the bait, complain to the Herald, and eventually be taken on this blog. If this were to take place, one of the Herald's finest contributors would no longer be contributing to FIU which is exactly what a UM fan wants to see.

Ignore them Mr. Neal!

Thanks for the compliments, Quijote. Hope I can live up to them.

And I thank Buc Nasty for his compliments to me, something I neglected to do in the previous post.

Happy July 4 to all. Hope to have a new blog post later today or early on the morrow.

Quijote, you are mistaken, if Mr. Neal cared enough to check he could see the IP addresses used in the posts above must be different.

You're right that I'm a UM fan/alum and my sole purpose here is to hate but it's always good natured and as a general Miami sports fan I am interested in FIU football and especially the recruiting.

But I can say that as a reader of this, UM's, and Greg Cote's blog you are clearly the most delusional and rabid FIU fan around and certainly live up to your moniker - keep swinging at those windmills my friend, you're bound to land a hit one of these days!

Ok, lets clap it up for the UM haters, you guys are hilarious! I don't know if your dissappointed at your AP rankings within the past couple of years or discontent with the Al Golden rebuilding phase. Whatever it is, go play in traffic and continue to hope that your beloved Canes will contend for the ACC crown. Those glory days have been gone since the Butch Davis regime has moved on and you guys in coral gables are extremly overated!

Only one hater here, nutjobs who don't like embedded YouTube videos aside.

UM's played in two national championship games since Butch left for the NFL. We won one of them. Actually most UM fans including myself are thrilled with Coach Golden, his focus on bringing former players back to the program and getting rid of the rampant favoritism have been welcome changes to the previous regime.

Good luck with Northern Western Arkansas Tech next year, maybe if all the cards fall right you can make it back to the Little Caesars bowl!

Lest I forget:

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.


I wasn't going to say anything, but since someone else was critical, I want to try to provide a little balance.

This is a blog. So all the irrelevant stuff is relevant. I feel like your contributions here so far are helping neutralize the polar feel this blog took when Beasley was on it (both that it polarized the die hards and seemed a little chilly at times). So, while I'm sure you don't need a pat on the back, keep it up.

What happened to Beasley?

I haven't been on this blog in a while, so it's hard to tell if it's moving in the right direction. The slow summer months (in sports) probably aren't helping either. Mr. DJN, pics of the female life guards would be a nice treat to the FIU faithful...

As I said on an earlier post: Good to have you DJN.

This is your blog DJN. Ignore the people hating on FIU or you. I have a feeling us Golden Panthers are going to enjoy your work in the upcoming months.

Buc Nasty obviously is a hater, especially after admitting he follows the biggest Douche at herald's blog.

DJN, I'm digging this blog now more and more, don't change anything. I can't believe I'm actually going to agree with Buc from about half way up; DJN's bringing us FIU news wrapped in an entertaining package, putting some effort into it, injecting a little humor into it. Do you really want to come on here and just see a list of stats?He's had like 3 posts and you're already ripping him? Some of you guys are really wound a little too tight.

DJN your are doing some great work here. Its entertaining to read and Its new FIU information.

Cant wait to see you covering football, I'm looking forward to it.

Ignore that one UofM troll that comes on here and pretends to be several people. It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.

Great work Mr. Neal

Still think I'm Buc Nasty? I do not like to read or see videos that are completely irrelevant to FIU sports. I bleed blue and gold. If I had known that video had nothing to do with FIU I wouldn't have wasted my time. As far as not reading your blogs, I just might not lol.


Thats exactly the kind of thing a multiple-ID using UM troll would say.

I bet you're the one trying to sell us all wedding dresses too, aren't you? Or should I say arent we?

Shouldn't you be on the UM blog reading about your two QBs averaging 3 ints. each per scrimmage? This is my name on the boards, if you were a FIU fan you'd know. So go F yourself lol.


As you see, UM fans have a habit of using multiple personalities and degrading your blog and its quality. I remember when Pelegrin was here, he would take out the "Panther Paw" or something like that and would clean out the irrelevant posts, or those that diminished the value of the forum.

It would be great if this can be revisited. Otherwise, several people will log in using alternate aliases and hijack your blog.

Thanks for considering.

Once again, if he cares to check IP addresses he'll see that I only use one screen name.

The wedding dress spam should certainly be taken off though.

IP addresses can be manipulated. Buc can be posting from xxx.xxx.xxx.z and Luis can be posting from zzz.zzz.zzz.x

Yet it can be the same person posting under different aliases from different computers.

You're not going to outsmart DJN BUC/Luis. Nice try, but I'm sure he's already aware of what's going on.

Haha, you got me, I use my backup/screw with FIUs blog computer to post as Louis!

Notice how only people that don't visit the FIU Panther boards still accuse me of hating the Golden Panthers lol. (Buc Nasty & "Arg").

I am FIU all the way.

Likely story.

You're clearly me, stop trying to twist our words.

LOL @Buc Nasty

J's post from last night is correct. See the next blog post.

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