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All (Dade, American) kinds of additions for football

This time of year, FIU's updating its roster like it's a bingo card at the Miccosukee joint.

The message boards and Twitter have been warm over the last 24 hours with the possibility that former Delray Beach Atlantic High All-American wide receiver James Louis, who redshirted last year at Ohio State, will announce today that he's transferring to FIU. It's not a lock -- Louis is also considering UM -- but FIU's the favorite.

Sources near the Modesto "Mitch" Madique Campus (Camp Mitch) tell The Herald that not only is Louis likely, but definitely joining the team will be running back Daquan Hargrett, a Miami Northwestern High graduate who transferred from West Virginia and freshman long-snapper Brandon Taylor.

Hargrett was a First Team All-Dade back at The West, which won the 2007 Class 6A state championship (and mythical national championship) and was 2008 6A state runner-up during his last two years. Hargrett's height is listed anywhere from 5-6 to 5-10. Let's take off the high end, subtract another inch or two to account for the "short man's add" and say 5-7 or 5-8. He was considered perhaps the fastest back at West Virginia. Still, he couldn't climb the depth chart there, so, heading into his redshirt sophomore season, transferred out. West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, in announcing Hargrett's departure from West Virginia after a recent practice, reportedly said, "He's a good kid, he's done everything we've asked him to."

Taylor seems to have a capricious heart. He committed to Kentucky, then switched to LSU. He's from Slidell (La.) Northshore High.

And in futbol news, the women's soccer team opened the season 0-2, following their heartbreaking season opening 2-1 loss at Stetson with a 2-0 home loss to No. 9 Florida Sunday night.

Let's go to the videotape! (but put on the mute -- I don't vouch for the lyrics in the music used in these highlights, mainly because I can't understand them)



Now, take off the mute...originally written by Stevie for guitar great Jeff Beck.




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Will Hargrett have two years of eligibility?

If he has already red-shirted, then he is on the clock and has 5 years to play 4...he burns the red-shirt sophomore this year sitting out and will be a junior for 2012.

You really think FIU could get ANY of these players just because it's in Miami?...What planet are you living on where elite talent plays for FIU instead of FSU or UF because FIU sent Antwan Barnes to the NFL six years ago?

Posted by: Buc Nasty | August 21, 2011 at 07:50 AM

Just one day later. There's really no need to ever address your generalities on what FIU is or will be confined to, one can just sit back and let yourself look stupid.

Buc Nasty -


So you don't think that TY Hilton can not start for UF, FSU or UM? Please...

Sorry - which one of those players was "elite"? The one who couldn't crack the depth chart at Ohio State or the one who couldn't see the field at West Virginia?

FIU wasn't even on James Louis' list of schools when he was being recruited out of high school.

"FIU wasn't even on James Louis' list of schools when he was being recruited out of high school."

But now it is, times are changing, and winning can do that for a team.

Then where are FIU's 4 star high school recruits this year?

What's changed to those kids wasn't FIU's glorious pizza bowl victory, it was no being able to see the field in real programs.

Hey Buc, glad to see you're visiting the FIU blog. Get used to it. Pretty soon there won't be any UM football to watch. Get on board the bandwagon.

Let's see Buc, we have Larvez Mars, Willis Wright, James Louis and Daquan Hargrett, all four-star players. Anothing winning season might see some more coming our way.

Both Scout and Rivals have Willis Wright and Daquan Hargrett as 3 star players.

Larvez Mars was a Rivals 4 star and a Scout 2 star who didn't get an offer from UM, FSU, or UF.

James Louis didn't sign with FIU, he signed with Ohio State and had to transfer because he couldn't see the field.

Get familiar with the FIU roster. Soon it will be the only college football program in town.

Buc Nasty -

You are EPITOME of a loser...

Coming on this blog to talk smack about FIU. SMH.

Maryland is going to run a freight train up scUM's little fragile A** !!! You'll be licking your wounds after that game.

Get lost punk !!

"Very superstitious, writing's on the wall,
Very superstitious, Canes about' to fall.
Nevin Shapiros a scumbag, broke the lookin glass, Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past."

I was just commenting on DJN's ignorant post about UM having "recruiting problems" and I'm not the one who copied and pasted it to this blog.

Guys... you'll never win a discussion with someone who is deliriously ignorant.

Homer or deliriously ignorant? Looks like Buc Nasty is the latter.


Nice blog about FIU!
We're getting better and let's defeat those good teams out there

Ostrich hiding his head underground....

Oh, I'm winning this argument. Pretty soon there will be no UM football to argue about. But it's nice of Buc to become an FIU fan. He'll have no choice. The NCAA's Grim Reaper is coming.


Here's an open invitation to join the FIU community. Join us for at least one home game. Well? If anyone disrespects you for your beliefs about FIU, I will gladly renew my UM season tickets this year (after three years). Well?

So whats up with James Louis? Any word? You have my attention!

Thanks for the great work.

Mario Christobal once said we'd take local athletes who are interested in coming back home, but we'd prefer for them to elect to stay home from the begining. What you see is a reflection of all the great work that this staff, administration, and even board of trustees are all participating on.

Wesley was the first big name! A bowl winner in the SEC and now Sunbelt. Harden (St. Thomas Aquainas) was next. Then JUCO transfers Caylin, now Daquan from Northwestern is finding a place back home with plenty of elligibility. Hopefully, James Louis comes on board too.

Soon enough those guys will not leave S. Fl. to play college ball. You'll see after TY's year, FIU will play 4-5 guys in the draft. This years Junior class holds 4-5 NFL prospects... once recruits see 4-5 guys drafted, they'll come on board!!

Hey very nice blog!

Being a college football fan used to be a fairly simple matter. Games were played on Saturdays. Flip on a TV set and you’d find those games airing on two, maybe three channels. What you lost in choice, you at least made up for in certainty.

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