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Cristobal signs extension through 2016 the night before practice begins.

So, as you can read in this morning's Miami Herald, Tuesday night, head football coach Mario Cristobal and FIU extended their marriage through June 2016, which is longer than my daughter will live if she ruins another one of our surroundsound speakers that she's never supposed to touch.

As far as a potential divorce, unless Cristobal violates his contract in some way, FIU would have to pony up two years salary or 906,366 to Cristobal. If Cristobal wanted to better deal FIU and move on to where he's not the fourth school in a two-school town, it'll cost him a year's salary, $453,183 to buy his way out of the contract. That's double the $200,000 it reportedly would cost Middle Tennessee State coach Rick Stockstill if he caught crazy and wanted out of a deal that could pay him $1 million a year in a few years.

In the Sun Belt, Cristobal's new base salary of $453,183 puts him behind North Texas' Dan McCarney, who goes into his first season with the Mean Green with a $475,000 base salary. Both McCarney (12 years as FBS/Division I head coach) and Stockstill (temptations from elsewhere) have bonuses packages that put almost another $100,000 on their deals before incentives. Cristobal received a $50,000 bonus Tuesday and will get another one next June 12. In addition, each June 30, he gets a "retention bonus," of $25,000.

(That's how fast your life can change when you're a coach or professional athlete -- you get roster bonuses and retention bonuses, schools and teams way of saying, "Way to not get fired!")  

With the plans they have for the stadium and hopes for the athletic program, FIU not stupid enough to do the euphemistic "go in a different direction" just when the football program's marching properly  since going Division I/FBS/FDS/Whatever They're Calling Big Boy Football These Days. FIU was motivated.

Cristobal likes working at FIU, so close to where he grew up. His wife's active in the community. These two busy people have a toddler and an infant, which means having the family support system within babysitting distance is invaluable. And any coach in that situation who doesn't think about that will be reminded of it by his wife. Cristobal was motivated to get this done, too, besides the obvious benefits to his career, his bank account and recruiting.

Cristobal wants to take care of his assistants, too, so he took a little less salary scratch. There's a $112,000 bump in the budget for the football program that was earmarked for various things, including some extra jack for the assistants. The coordinators have contracts. The rest have salaries, but not contracts.

Anyway, I'm writing this late at night. And posting it early in the morning. And in a nod to both those times...




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This is wonderful news! Coach Cristobal is the best fit for FIU in many ways. He is one of the best recruiters in the country, a true example to his players, result proven coach and one of FIU's best Ambassadors.
I look forward to have coach for many more years.

This is real good news for FIU, sounds like he really wants to stay in Miami. I'm sure this will help recruiting as well, making sure recruits know he's not going anywhere, promising stability can go a long way. He runs a clean program and is building the program the right way.

Good for FIU and Cristobal! Now let's go get ready for memorable 2011 season!

And we didn't break the bank to do it....Great job by Pete Garcia!

Get the word out to the 305! The real university in Miami, where its children and their children attend & will become professionals is here and not going away.

@78+% enrollment from 305;954;561;

Go Panthers!

Congrats to Coach Cristobal! A lot of people don't know what he inherited, the way he has turned it all around is incredibly impressive and he has earned the privilige to lead this team.

Congrats to Coach Cristobal and Pete Garcia for getting this done! It is nice to know that Coach will be with us for a least a few more years!

Great News. Congrat's to PG, MR and MC. Now let's get some big crowds and when some big games.

Thanks FIU.

Coincidentally, comes right before our game against the same team when it all turned around...

incredible news to wake up to congrats to MC!

Also comes on the heels of ESPN reporting that the Big East is looking at further expanding its conference in large media markets.... hmmm, is something going on behind closed doors that we don't know about? The Mario extension has been talked about since last year, and now it happens when the Big East news is made public. Very interesting!


Now let's go out and win another conf championship and send a message to the Big East.


We'd have to at least finish the north end of the stadium AND get basketball on track. All other elements are there:

- Good atheltic academics
- Massive market
- Massive, and growing, alumni network
- Proven baseball squad under Turtle
- Solid football
- Law school/Med School (not that its a requirement, but adds to academic prestige nonetheless)

Great News! Congrats to everyone involved for getting the job done before the season started. Can't wait for Sept. 1st!

This is great news! Congratulations to Mario and all of us!


Is absolutely correct. However, talks with other conferenes can lead to a 100% commitment to completing the stadium!
Like Raja suggested, it was going to take IT time to build "his" roster; this is our year!!
Baseball suffered with the leadership lost, but we return a handful of seniors and most of the pitching staff... and A NEW PITCHING COACH!!!

I will never put anything past PETE Garcia. The man is truely connected.

Congrats to the football staff...Sarusi all around!!!

Well deserved extension! Congrats coach!

is football season here yet?

DJN, love the song selection.


Santa Barbara Community College

Where's the "Like" button?!

Great news, now we can rest assured that Pete Garcia does not do something radical like hiring his buddy Butch Davis (would not have been a bad move)

FIU, President Rosenberg, Pete Garcia, FIU Alumni, can we at least finish first deck of the stadium. Please enclose the stadium. It looks horrible and what the Cubans call "Mickey Mouse". FAU new stadium is better stadium then us, to this point.

Congratulation Coach Cristobal , but lets be realistic another good season other school from bigger conferences will be all over El Cubano .

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