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Demarkus Perkins, a late add...

He's a late addition to the FIU roster and was supposed to be a late addition to yesterday's blog post. But I got wrapped up in doing a few other real world things and, frankly, conked out before I could blog about Demarkus Perkins.

But, first, a late add to tonight's blog from the FIU soccer world. The men's soccer team won its preseason opener against Broward College 4-1. They'll host Barry next Saturday in their second preseason game. Also, last year's women's soccer captain, defender April Perry, was named to the All-Sunshine Conference team of the Women's Premier Soccer League, a summer league focused on "the development of highly competitive amateur women's soccer teams."

Perkins, a Bradenton Southeast High and Highland (Kan.) Community College product, was all set to go to Arizona State. There's even a bio on the official football team website with a quote about how it was the only place for him. Then, he wound up at FIU. I'll try to talk to him in the next few days about why the shift. The impression out in the desert was that Perkins wanted to be closer to home, not an uncommon thing for many young men, but even more common among recruits from this state.

Here's Perkins' highlight video. There was no practice today, so, no news so far.

And thanks for the compliments in the comments. Really. I hope you feel the same way when I'm the messenger of bad news or school stupidity (and that'll happen. I'm covering a Division I school, not that high school team from Plesantville.) I also hope you feel this is a place you can come for information and analysis delivered in a fun manner.

Back to work on preseason section stuff while watching ESPN's "Playmakers." Catch you on the morrow...



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No one ever said you would have it easy. I know you will report the good, the bad, and the ugly. Indeed, I would expect nothing less from a reporter worth his salt. That said, you have been a welcome addition to this blog. And you are an excellent writer. Glad to have you.

Great work. You've done such a great job you have the credibility to report what you need to report.

David I'm sure you'll report the bad as well. However, I also assume that someone with your journalistic experience and integrity won't drop uncalled low blows which your predecessor was notorious for.

This team is just offensively challenged. Change the lines as many times as you want but you will get the same results. They might as well go back to the opening night lines and stick with them.

You the man D-Neal! Enjoying all the pop-culture references

I'm pretty sure being a diva does not involve appearing on daytime courtroom television shows.

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