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Friday Night Lite Bites

Some morsels to chew on from Friday night's scrimmage, where FIU quarterbacks threw as many interceptions in 108-112 plays (Cristobal estimate on the play count) as Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne did in four possessions up in Atlanta. Also, where the FIU women's soccer team didn't lose a preseason game to Jacksonville 2-1, althought that did happen Friday.

As noted in the story that'll probably be on http://www.miamiherald.com/sports soon, you'd have thought there was festival seating for a Lil Wayne concert in the offensive backfield and the defensive line was FIU Lil Wayne Fan Club. On the second play, defensive tackle Andre Pound marched up the middle with nary an "excuse me" and put the tag sack on Wesley Carroll. That pretty much set the tone. The count on the first four possessions, two by the first team, two by the second team: three sacks, a fumble, a drop, a penalty and minus 9 yards of offense.

A screen to Kedrick Rhodes netted 21 yards and might've gone all the way if center Giancarlo Revilla, hustling downfield to make a block, hadn't instead made an excellent, if unintentional, tackle by running into Rhodes with his full torso. Given that reprieve, the first team defense caused losses on three consecutive plays to end the possession.

Rhodes really got going only on one possession, though it seemed like more. On the fifth first-team possession, he ran for 9 up the middle; three plays later, showed a nice hop to the left and step to the right, er, uh, hop to the right through a hole and ran for 11. Rhodes, Darriet Perry and Darian Mallary all had moments, but spent most of the night trying to keep small gains from being small-to-medium losses.

6-9 Paul Crawford, a sophmore out of Carrollton, Texas, picked up two sacks and a holding penalty on offensive lineman Prince Matt, a freshman from Bradenton Manatee. Crawford says he's 260, 40 pounds up on when he enrolled a year ago, and wants to get to 280 or 290. Right now, he's got something of the Ted Hendricks build working -- all long arms and legs, with a kind of whipcord strength. Just like the Miami Springs-raised Hall of Famer from Hialeah High who holds the NFL record for blocked kicks, to not have Crawford on special teams is a waste of length. College field goals, especially from the hashes and close in, can require more precision than NFL kicks. Imagine doing that with a 6-9 guy leaping and waving his arms at you.

Aside from the running backs, the skill position guy who engaged in the most contact was second-team quarterback Jake Medlock, a redshirst freshman out of Jacksonville Fletcher. On a third and 8, he sprinted out, saw nothing to throw to, then tucked it under and met junior linebacker Kenneth Dillard at the first down marker. The equipment crash drew enthusiastic grunts or cheers, especially when it was clear Medlock had the first down. Three plays later, he dipped his head and shoulders into linebacker Jordan Hunt for a 6-yard gain, another first down, another demonstration that people like to translate as "That Medlock, he's not a quarterback, he's a real player." As if quarterbacks don't take a beating, too. Medlock was done in on a couple of drives by Jeremiah Harden and T.J. Lowder drops.

Pete Garcia's pal Butch Davis was in the house.

Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Jordan White jumped on a fourth-and-4 34 yards from the goal line. Thus endeth the drive. On a later, second team play, both the right tackle and tight end jumped. It was that kind of night for the offense.

Feeling pretty sleepy and practice is at 9:15 a.m. tomorrow. So, as you're probably reading this Saturday morning...






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