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From practice in the darkness on the edge of town...

Overpriced colada in hand, I hit The Cage at Camp Mitch before 6 a.m. A few drips and drabs of information:

Wide receiver Rockey Vann's got a dislocated elbow and will be out a month, according to Mario Cristobal. Defensive lineman Jason Fitch has a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee that Cristobal put somewhere between a Grade 1 and a 2. Fitch hopped off the field on his left leg after one of the last plays of Monday's scrimmage and immediately one of the trainers began feeling around the knee, never a good sign. 

After today's Panther Preview shindig at 6:30 at the Stadium Club, the Panthers will have a full scrimmage at 7 p.m. after a closed special teams scrimmage in the morning.

(Yes, really. A closed special teams scrimmage. It's special teams, not special ops, Formula 7X or the Krabby Patty Formula. Just a hypothesis: they'll practice punts, kickoffs and returns of punts and kickoffs. They'll practice blocking schemes and kick blocking schemes, most of which will be revealed by the third game. As quarterback Wesley Carroll's the holder on field goals and extra points, they'll probably also practice a few fakes. Oh, and a reverse on a punt return and a fake reverse, both probably involving T.Y. HIlton. They'll also practice what to do on bad snaps from various points on the field. Because that's what really well prepared teams do.)

As for the scrimmage, expect more of a game tempo and setup than Monday's scrimmage.

"We need to get used to being on the field more than four, five or six plays," Cristobal said. "We nened to get used to going 12 plays, getting your water, be back on the field and execute."

The scrimmage being at night prompted me to ask Cristobal how he felt about FIU being a night game team at home.

"I'm a noon guy," he said. "Playing college (here) then watching Miami Dolphins...I remember the Dolphins would wear all white and watch those teams come down here in October and November and melt. I'm a big fan of that. But I know we have to do what we have to do to make sure we always do what's best for our university and fans pack the stadium as much as we can. But am I a fan of noon? Absolutely. Light it up, make it 110 degrees and play football."



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