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If you ask me, 9-3...and other things.

Today was listed as a day off for me, so I got a chance to get some work done.

One of the tasks assigned me for our preseason football sections is provide a short analysis and prediction on each FIU game. I'm supposed to do the same with the Dolphins. Going game-by-game, considering team matchups, location, point in the season, blah, blah, blah, I came up with FIU going 9-3, 6-2 in the Sun Belt. I went back over each game briefly, reconsidered and decided to stay on 9-3 and 6-2. You'll have to pick up the section smorgasbord to see when I thought the Golden Panthers would fail to get the job done.

No matter what I predict for a team, it's never personal, always business. It's part of what I do. In any sport, I might think a guy's an incredible athlete who'll make the difference for his team but also find him a pompous weenie who I'd like to lock in an outhouse with a weed whacker and a wolf. But if things appear to be aligned that way, I'll pick his team to win. That's part of my job -- tell you what I think is going to happen.

Now, I'm not stupid enough to consider any preseason prediction of mine something to be discussed in the same conversation with Revelations. OK, maybe I am stupid enough, but I'm not arrogant enough for that. So what's your call on this season? And which bowl, if any, do the Golden Panthers reach?

As I apoligized for the late blogs last night (early this a.m.), I apologize to the soccer fans for not getting more soccer on the blog yet. I'll do better in that regard or surrender my Juventus jersey to that netherworld that must have eaten my Real Madrid jersey back around 2004.


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For whatever its worth David, I drive a Saab 9-3. I therefore like, and agree, with your 9-3 prediction.

Go Panthers

I can definitely see the team going 9-3, hell even better. But college football is so unpredictable, especially in the SBC. Hopefully FIU will surpass all of our expectations.

David, I have 9 eggs and 3 cheese sticks left in my fridge so I too like your prediction.

you have a solid prediction here, but I think we will go 8-4 2-2 OC and 6-2 SBC

I don't know. On paper, there are some teams on our schedule that may at a glance seem better than us. UCF being top 25 last year, Louisville could be very good or very bad. There are some teams that have no where to go but up: Akron, Louisiana, WKU. We could easily have another 6-6 year. But that's crazy. I go into every year expecting the Dolphins to somehow make it in to the Super Bowl. The knowledge that anything could happen, even that, and the hope that inspires is what's so great about sports (to me).

I am not a journalist, I am a fan, so I can say things like Panthers football goes 12-0 this year. And next year.

@1st amendment right-just saying. your ignorance makes me sad- just saying.

9-3 sounds reasonable.

Good prediction

Quijote and GOLD, appreciate the light-hearted, random numbered backup. Reminds me of the way I pick Lotto numbers (which reminds me....$37 million, is it tonight?)

1st Amendment, you clearly wanted some attention...so, here's some.

I wear dashikis because I like the way they look and feel. Same reason I wear Armani. Not because I'm proud of my Italian heritage because I don't have any. That dashikis are African is a bonus. That you call it a "Kunta Kinte" shirt would probably amuse LeVar Burton and amaze the late Alex Haley that his ancestor's name a blanket term for things that can be identified as having African roots.

And seeing as how I was born, raised and educated here and my people (African, Native American along with various parts of Europe) have contributed a little bit to America over the last 500 years or so, I think this my country.

This is definitely my blog. And, while your racism is your First Amendment right to have and I would defend that right, your post is an exercise of that right that I have the power to delete.

David J. Neal: New Sheriff in town.

I say 7-5... I would like to predict better but I am still uncertain as to how well the d-line will play.

Power to the people! 7-4 With a possible 8-3 record if we spank Troy like last year, but they’ll be looking for revenge.

North Texas W 28-14
@Louisville L 48-28
UCF – L 52-42
Louisiana-Lafayette W 42-17
Duke L 33-23
@Akron W 52-35
@Arkansas State W 31-24
Troy L 45-42
@Western Kentucky W 24-31
Florida Atlantic W 45-34
@Louisiana-Monroe W 38-17
@Middle Tennessee W 38-37

UCF would be the best victory in our young football history if the crowd BRINGS IT! We should have beat'n USF two years ago if it weren't for the dirty zebras.

8-4 Possibly 7-5***

13-0...while I get more bong hitz!

Would love to believe in 9-3 but my FIU football burns haven't quite scabbed over just yet. We're unpredictable, we really need a "show me" dominant season...last year was sweet and unexpected, but far from dominant...that FAU loss still brings back vomitous memories.

Less than 7 wins will be a dissapointment, 7-9 wins is the sweet spot.

Who knows, but I can see FIU starting hot. I think this year we are going to make history and get votes in the rankings. I would take 9-3, but I am hoping for 12-1.

When is UM? going to stop being scared and play us??? It is a shame that we cant have a backyard rivalry. It is a disjustice for college football.

@Peter Weinstein... i would love to see the FIU/UM backyard Rivalry (i tread carefully not to use the word Brawl with those 2 schools anymore lol) it probably wont happen till FIU completes its stadium with upper deck (45,000 cap) which is prob a ways away.

@DJN i like your prediction and am curious which is the OOC game you have us Losing too... i have FIU at 8-4 with loses to UCF and prob Louisville and the 2 loses in the belt coming from ASU and ULM... either way it should have FIU in New Orleans... or worst case return trip to Detroit

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