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Tuesday practice update & Thomas confirms DeJuan Wright injury

Theoretically, this is a day off. So while I'm working on other things, especially preseason section stuff, The Herald sent our intrepid intern, Matt Forman, out to keep an eye on practice.

Matt observed what's become the usual orange jerseyed crew joined by wide receiver Willis Wright. Safety Justin Halley, held out of practice as a precaution Saturday while he was tested for a concussion, according to head coach Mario Cristobal, was in helmet and shoulder pads but still in Wet Paint orange. Cristobal said he should be cleared in a couple of days.

Young Forman also reports that Cristobal said this evening's closed practice will contain a scrimmage during which they'll "open up the playbook on both sides of the ball, so it's not just about blocking the base stuff and defending against the base stuff." 

As I stopped to get the wife's caffeine (Starbucks iced tea) this morning, FIU XY's basketball coach Isiah Thomas confirmed this morning DeJuan Wright's partial MCL tear, otherwise called a sprained knee. He said Wright should be down four to six weeks.

"We'll take a very conservative approach with it," Thomas said. "He should be ready to go for the first day of practice."

Thomas wasn't entirely sure how it happened, but thought Wright was working out, tweaked the knee, then kept working out on it or worked out again on it.

Oh, and thanks to you blog readers for the cafe suggestions over the past couple of weeks. I didn't know the Latin American Cafe or whatever that place at 107th and Coral Way is called was a 24-hour joint until that last 6 a.m. practice. And I saw the Cafe Bustelo Monday as I was on my way out. From the way I entered, the CB was obscured by the Burger King construction. Such was the rhythm of the day.

For various reasons, Al Green is heavy on my August playlist. Now, this is a family website and some of you might be at work, so I don't feel comfortable linking to Brother Al's version of "I Can't Get Next To You," which I'm sure got banned in some homes for causing instant He'n-And-She'n. So...




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DJN, although its a convenient 24 hr place try and stay away the coral way and 107 joint. unless you like some protein (ants and other crawlers) with your empanadas and tostadas. Very happy with what you have done with the blog. the articles are informative and entertaning. Be sure to pass by and say hi at our section 112 tailgate by the oak trees on game day and if not, you surely will hear us in the front of our section in the stadium.

Oh My god David,

Please stay away from that place! I got the worst food poisoning ever from there! UGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!


Go by the fritanga across the street from sweetwater pd. you will enjoy a hearty nicaraguan lunch...

You guys do not know what you are talking about. The 24 hr Latin America is not that bad, good food when you are white boy wasted. If you need to get some coffee that is the place. DJN there is also a Dunkin Donuts on the west side of Latin America, it is in the cut on a shopping center.

Thanks again for your hard work, glad to see your wife drinks tea. We hope you stay and hope that the Miami Herald gives you a raise, because you deserve it. With this UM news, it looks like FIU might be the destination for players who want to play in Miami. That means that FIU might do something fast which is good for you DJN. Although you do not have a connection to FIU, you have embraced the job with open arms and we see you believe in the program and where it is heading.

That was all we wanted.


It would be great if you can share your thoughts via blog or article about the obvious domino effect that the current U dramas will have on FIU. I think we can all safely assume that the U will have significant sanctions imposed on them. How do you think this will affect the community's support for FIU? Will we see an increase in media attention, ticket sales, etc?

UM's problems will have 0 effect on FIU. FIU's fanbase is made up entirely of people who went to FIU. FIU's recruiting pool is made up entirely of players who don't get offers from real teams.

FIU isn't going to gain the interest of the general fair weather Miami fanbase until they beat the pathetic teams in their pathetic conference consistently enough to get invited to a real conference. And even then they're only going to pay attention until you lose your first game.

Buck Nasty, sorry to tell you; but you are smoking some of that stuff that the U players were smoking. You are right that the FIU fanbase are from people that went to FIU, but at the same time so are the UM fans. A good portion of the UM fans went to FIU, in a matter of fact in South Florida FIU alumni outnumber UM alumni by a 3 to 1 margin.

FIU has started to beat the Sun-Belt opponents consitenly, this year you will see FIU start to beat their non-conference opponents.

It may not happen right away, but over time FIU will start to steal those UM kids. This is horrible timing for UM. You could see about 5 years of sanctions at the "U", with FSU leaving the ACC; the "U" is going to be an after thought.

In those five years FIU will not only steal "UM" kids, but will get other kids who want to play in Miami. In those five years FIU will get their stadium completed; at least the first deck.

Buck Nasty, sorry to tell you; but the "U" in in deep, deep, trouble. You are not winning any National Championships, much less a conferece championship. Stop being a homer, and face the reality that the "U" is done.

Ohhh, I forgot "Buck Nasty". There is a reason why the "U" is scared of playing FIU. They know that they can looses. Ask the "U" why they are scared of playing us. The "U" is nothing but the afternoon rain that we get these days.

Future looks good for FIU, the future and the present is bad for "UM", Buck Nasty; enjoy your 15 scholarships a year and no bowls.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, did you see all those pictures. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Lil' Luke.......

I've only gotten cafe cubano at the Latin American joint at 107th and Coral Way, so I think I'm safe. But thanks for the concern, folks!

Wong, you're right, I have embraced this beat, but it has nothing to do with believing in the overall athletic program or any given sport. It's because, well, it's my job to embrace it, no matter the outlook for the school's teams. Besides, I get a blog! New work toy!

Quijote, that blog post or article will be coming soon.

True enough, UM may have to shut down their football program entirely over this. UM may be done for good.

But that doesn't change the fact that almost all UM's "supporters" aren't alumni (we only graduate a couple thousand students a year and most of them go back home to the northeast), they're from the horrible general pool of fair weather Miami fans.

It's well documented that that fanbase will support no one over supporting a mediocre team, which FIU is still a decade away from being in the grand scheme of college football.

UM may be done but that has nothing to do with FIU. Players that no longer want to attend UM will be moving north to real programs. Fans that no longer "support" UM will go fishing instead.

Buck Nasty, you have agreed with 90% of what I said. Most UM fans are FIU alumni, if the UM program goes away you will see a jump in attendance at FIU. FIU is not playing around, their non-conference teams that are playing at FIU "ON CAMPUS" stadium are good teams. The atmosphere at FIU games is pretty good, there is plenty of parking and great space for tailgating. If there is no UM, people will still want to see college football and FIU will be the option.

IF UM goes away, out of state kids who want to live in Miami will have the option of going to FIU.

You are acting like if FIU is a Division II team, I am sorry for your loss; but please do not go in this post and say that this news does not benefit FIU. Miami is Miami, players from South Florida are good players, most players want to stay in South Florida with no UM, FIU will be the place.

Best of luck with all of that, I'm sure you'll find that recruiting elite south Florida talent away from schools like LSU, UF, FSU, and Alabama and attracting the masses of general Miami fans who don't care at all about on-field performance and just want to spend their money on attending football games that don't matter to be as easy as you envision it.

Probably a good point on the FIU alumni though, I didn't realize that some FIU alumni were UM fans.

Although people that fall into that category are certainly cut from the cloth of the typical Miami fan...

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