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James at 19. Or 20

Here's what I'm hearing on former Delray Beach Atlantic wide receiver James Louis, who is transferring from Ohio State:

Louis has chosen FIU as his landing spot. All bureaucratic hurdles have not been cleared. Like Babu's citizenship, the wheels are in motion.


When will he be able to play? Normal NCAA transfer rules would say Louis would have to sit out a year. That would leave him three years on his five year clock after redshirting last year.

But once the talk began about Louis transferring, the reason that kept popping up in reports was to be closer to home because of family issues, not because of his disappointing spring following a redshirt season. Several players in similar circumstances -- or, rather, claiming similar circumstances -- have applied for an exception to the transfer year sit down under the NCAA's hardship rule. If Louis files a hardship waiver and the NCAA approves it, he can be immediately eligible.

What kind of football shape would he be in at the start of the season without an organized training camp? Not the best. But that's something that can be remedied by midseason.






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great news!

Good info DJN. FIU loading up for life post-TY!


This is great! JL & WW will have a show at 8th St. for the next few years. It will be fun to watch.

Two straight ESPN TOP150 talents committing to FIU in the same week.


Hey Quijote, James Louis is one of those ESPN TOP150s, who is the second?

WW is the other ESPN 150.

I hope Mario and the team are not distracted by all the pre-season optimism and excitement. They can’t go into that 1st game vs. UNT thinking its gonna be like last year (up 27 to 3 at the half). UNT is not the same injury ridden team that the panthers faced last year, and Dunbar is a stud. UNT is gonna do everything in their power to redeem themselves vs. the defending sunbelt champs come sept. 1st.

With that being said let me ignore my own warning and dish out some pre-season optimism and excitement of my own. Wes throwing to TY, WW, and possibly JL in 2011......Medlock throwing to WW, JL and another ESPNTOP150 in 2012......How could we not be excited about the future of FIU football?

Before you write your crappy post, Buck Nasty this is just the beginning. This guy has talent, weather you want to admit it or not. Getting a scholarship to OSU means you have talent. He was considering UM, but with what is happening, he desided to cross the 826 and join FIU.

I saw in some of your earlier post, that you were making fun of this transfer. Saying he was not Elite. Only time will tell.

I can tell you this, a lot of "Elite" players are going to leave UM like Shantrell Henderson. You also had a bunch of player leave UM like Storm Johnson and the Safety that was on a track scholarship.

To answer one of your earlier post... Yes, "Elite" kids will go to FIU just because it is in Miami. You add the beutiful campus, on-field stadium, beutiful woman, great academics, an up & comming football team, plus over all existment and potential, and you get a great opportunity.

I think for the first time, FIU is in a better boat than UM. Buck Nasty, I feel sorry for you. Enjoy the next 10 years of embarresment.

wang, my whole post was centered around DJN's assertion that UM's recruiting has been poor since 2002 and that FIU could take their recruiting to another level with just "a few more NFL products" and the coaches talking "education and good citizenship to the media and some parents".

I disagree, I think that UM has been recruiting elite talent that has just been under achieving at the college level and that it will take significantly more on the field success for FIU to start competing for the elite south Florida players that will presumably be more available if UM is hit with a bowl ban.

You think differently but James Louis is not support for your optimism because he didn't choose FIU for their NFL products, education, and good citizenship as an elite high school recruit, he chose Ohio State.

Even though FIU had a good season last year by their standards and UM is facing the death penalty, UM will be able to come back much more easily than FIU will be able to make the quantum leap to the next level of being a championship caliber NCAA football program. Enjoy your boat.

How about we just wait and see instead of speculating about what MIGHT happen? Maybe FIU goes ballistic and we turn into an FBS D-IA powerhouse, maybe we don't. In the meantime, I want to see us win some football games.

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