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Cristobal on reviving FIU vs. UM. And I Am The Walrus

UM coach Al Golden threw roses toward Southwest 8th Street Monday, talking up Mario Cristobal and FIU. He likened the situation he turned around at Temple to what Cristobal has dealt with at FIU. Golden said he and Cristobal "talk and text often" and that Cristobal has been nothing but helpful to him. I asked how often they had the opportunity to converse or texted during the season.

"During the season, you hardly get to talk to your own wife," Cristobal joked. "but we do have a tremendous amount of respect for him and the job they did at Temple, certainly the job they've undertaken at Miami."

Cristobal brought up defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, whom he knows from Rutgers, and said he wished them all well. To the next obvious question -- do you want to see UM and FIU start playing each other again? -- he replied:

"I've been asked that question a lot the last couple of days. It seems every time we take a step forward, people try to distract from what the whole purpose of this season is. It would be great. It's certainily not a major part of the equation. I think any time crosstown universities or in-state universities can play -- with a great example being this weekend with UCF -- you have a chance to really pack of the stadium and fill up the stands with alumni and family. It makes for a great event. Especially with two programs going in directions they weren't going in before.

"I think it would be a great thing."


The football stadium holds 20,000 and, with the north stands, looks like a Division II stadium or an upscale Texas high school stadium. Last week, I saw members of the track team working on the shot put on a grassy area between the soccer field and the arena: sandlot track? I've always liked the arena's look, inside and out. But the capacity is more suited to a fertile family's quinces celebrations than big-time college basketball and FIU draws crowds that fill only a slice of the arena.

Think about the above when somebody starts talking Big East or ACC as FIU's new home once conference realignment settles. There's still too much to be done for FIU to be seriously considered for those groups in the near future.

Someone Tweeted there are 15 football players in her History of the Beatles class. So, for them, I include the song used one afternoon when my daughter asked me to sing her into her nap. Nite-nite...



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I think when most people talk about FIU moving to the Big East or the ACC... a lot of it is based on the potential of what FIU could be if placed in a conference like that. It is the "Build it and they will come" type of thinking. Which may or may not be true.

As a long time FIU fan, I am just happy to see our proud football team doing so well and coming into the conversation regionally and nationally as something other than a joke. This has been a dream so far. Lets just savor each victory one week at a time. Still lots of work to do.

This is so ridiculous. USF, PITT and Miami, only to mention a few, don't even have a stadium. Pitt doesn't even have their own training facilities.

These are excuses from people that are afraid to see FIU grow.

Hate to break your Blue&Gold Heart, but most people don't care enough about FIU to dislike FIU enough to be "afraid to see FIU grow." Least of all decision makers in the Big East or ACC.

Yes, USF, Pitt and UM do have stadiums. They just don't have on-campus stadiums. Pitt plays in Heinz Field. USF plays at Raymond James Stadium. UM plays at Sun Life Stadium. Before that, they played in the Orange Bowl. NFL stadiums off campus trumps 20,000 on-campus...big.

And no major conference wants a men's basketball program that can put only a few hundred fans in a 24-year-old 4,500-seat, on-campus arena.

That's just the start of things that need to be addressed. There's a reason the stadium enclosure finally is being fast tracked.

and also a reason why the arena is being upgraded.

I'm with David here, but the good thing is that it seems that the administration knows that we need upgrades and are addressing them:

Scoreboard/Videoboard in Baseball
North-side in Football
Entrance/Suites in Arena
New lockerooms in Arena
Videoboard in Arena
Batting Cages in Softball
Resurfacing and windscreens in Tennis
Plans for re-doing soccer + adding a track

All these improvements + winning programs put FIU in a positive position for realignment.

Nobody has ever brought up ACC alignment talk, and frankly I think most of us want absolutely nothing to do with the ACC. UM has been a relative embarrassment in that conference, what makes us think we can do any better?

I also think an immediate jump to Big East would currently be a little premature. However, FIU's growth potential is not longer that, it is a clear reality. By the end of the decade, FIU will be a 60,000 school, easily placing it as a top ten public institution in terms of size. Compound the alumni growth and market base, facilities will only grow alongside these facts.

Big East may be ok with having a "smaller" school right now, as long as it guarantees a long term position with us. For the Big East, its better to secure us now, as compared to later where it would probably be that much more challenging.

Regardless of this, I would also be comfortable with C-USA.

I have to agree with Quijote.

Who ever said that FIU is headed to the ACC is dreaming something that won't happen in the next 25 years. I think the Sunbelt is something we will out grow in the next 2 or 3 years (not next year). We still have very good competition in this conference and our chances of going 12-0 are OK at best.

We need to check off the following before we start talking C-USA:
New Soccer and Track facility

Close out the stadium.

Finish the Arena

MORE, MORE and MORE attendance in Baseball, Basketball and Football.

Stay competative in the big three sports and also on the Women's side (remember Title 9)

Increased athletic budget.

After we check off all of that and other important topics that I can't remember then you can start talking C-USA (not Big East)..

Go Golden Panthers!

oh this is the fiu blog... my bad worng blog...but fyi miami would hav to lose consistently for the next 20 years and fiu would hav to win like 6 titles..so sorry red headed step child of the canes is seen as anything but..but congrats to your former hurricane head coach. who cut his teeth and learned football at um, and brought with him cane traditions that hes is trying to pawn off as panther power lolo

^^^Haters gonna hate^^^

How about building an aquatic center for the swimming and diving teams too? Get them out of the North Campus. Maybe even make a men's team?

Hi, canelogic 28! Any particular reason you dislike FIU other than the fact you like UM? If so, I'd like to hear exactly what you think is wrong with the program for you to feel so strong a need to put it down.

Otherwise, welcome to the FIU sports blog comments!

itd be nice to have a preseason home and home contract with FIU. it would draw a lot of fans to the game, and we could test our 2nd and 3rd strings on them. win-win. FIU looks to have a bright future. Not THAT bright, but they might become the 5th best florida fb school. which is pretty good.

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