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ESPN GameDay at practice, Hilton, too (40%), on attendance and radio

An ESPN GameDay crew was at this morning's football FIU's practice to shoot a feature that'll air during Saturday's show. Coach Mario Cristobal wore a mike early in practice.

"It was very brief," Cristobal said. "Obviously, it wouldn't compromise anything for our game plan and our chances for victory. It's a tremendous honor."

Cristobal said Hilton was "getting better and better," and remained "optimistic" Hilton and Hilton's right hamstring would be ready for Saturday. Yet Cristobal also put Hilton's practice participation at "about 40 percent."

AD Pete Garcia says he's expecting a full house Saturday, especially if the student section continues to increase. He estimates 6,000 students came Saturday and 4,000 came for the season opener. In addition to the atmosphere and dolllars, Garcia had a football reason to plead for another large crowd. He credited crowd noise for UCF's five false starts and one delay of game. I don't know if I agree entirely, although that is a high total for a well-coached team not named "New England Patriots" (you'd be surprised at how often they jump -- one game of theirs I tracked, the tight end jumped so often, I finally asked someone "Are they telling him the snap count?"). And, as I point out in tomorrow's story on the pass rush, FIU's been doing such taxidermy on the run that even five-yard penalties put teams in passing situations against the Gilded Cats.

Last Saturday, though the Central Florida folks filled out their side, there were open spots in the West stands and apparently on the press box side. That's why I called that official attendance of 20,205 "announced" in my game story. Unlike last Saturday, individual game tickets will be sold at the stadium, along with season tickets.

Garcia doesn't anticipate another radio conflict issue with 1080 WHIM carrying another game at the same time, either this week or with the Duke game that's been moved back an hour to 7 p.m. That was nearly an embarrassment for the program that thankfully got solved.

Personally, I kind of wondered why FIU wasn't on 640 AM or 940 AM, two pure sports stations trying to establish themselves as a player in this market alongside WQAM and 790 The Ticket. Get shows for the football and men's basketball coaches, at least. Get a weekly bloc of time where a host talks FIU sports with callers. And, when I'm driving to a game, either as a fan or a reporter, I like to hear pregame shows. The only good part about the 45-minute-to-one-hour creep during rush hour along Highway 417 from downtown Ottawa to now-Scotiabank Place for Panthers-Senators games -- more agonizing than I-95 or the Dolphin at rush hour -- was hearing part of the two-hour pregame show. Kind of blah hearing a lawyer program two hours before kickoff as I've heard on WHIM.


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Lol at that last part. I agree. And I said a while back, I think it's getting time that FIU has it's own weekly segment on the radio somewhere, even if it's only 15 minutes. Back to the radio broadcast; I was sitting in my car waiting for traffic to clear Saturday (first time I remember having to do that) and I couldn't find our post game show but dang if I didn't hear the UCF radio network coming from somewhere. You can get some crazy far away AM signals way out west that time of night, lol.

The Orange Bowl curse continues!!! I would have made UM lose to Ohio State this week, but then I thought about it that would just be too easy...I want to have fun with messing with UM's emotions now... I will bring them back up and then sit them back down, like a little child! I will humilate them!!!My beloved Orange Bowl I will never forget u!!! President Shalala u can keep calling me crazy all that u want, but until my demands are met the OB curse will continue. How dare she take my sacred place for NO LIFE stadium!! And she tells me it is a pro stadium. Take that pro stadium up yours maammmm. This will be funn nowwww, sit back and enjoy the show!!

The Orange Bowl was demolished in May 2008, and the Marlins' new retractable-roof stadium is currently under construction on the site, and targeted to open in April 2012. Despite some protests, the historic stadium had been earmarked for demolition when the University of Miami announced that they were moving out of the Orange Bowl after the 2007 season to begin play at Sun Life Stadium in 2008 in a 25-year deal.[7] On November 10, 2007, the University of Miami Hurricanes lost their final game at the Orange Bowl when the Virginia Cavaliers defeated Miami 48-0 in the Hurricanes worst home shutout loss in school history. -Miami Orange Bowl wikipedia

The FIU Golden Panthers won their last game at the Orange Bowl against the North Texas Mean Green on December 1, 2007 by a score of 38-19, snapping a 23-game losing streak that many attributed to the consequences of suspensions following the UM-FIU brawl the year before. Since the Golden Panthers had been using the Orange Bowl as their home field during the construction of FIU Stadium this win allows the FIU team to boast that it was they who officially closed the Orange Bowl's college football career with a home win.

FIU thank you for honoring the OB, I will continue to bless thee!! I can't wait to see FIU Stadium completed, AD Garcia told me it was inspired by the OB. Thank you for the respect!!

Follow me on twitter FIU fans @Obabalawo
Quote OBabalawo nevermore!!!

Hopefully they get that radio mess solved ASAP!

Obabalawo: learn the facts bud, UM never owned the Orange Bowl, the city basically condemned the building and said it needed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of repair to change out the concrete. The city of Miami would never pay tax dollars for a stadium a private school plays in and UM couldn't afford it.

We were kicked out of the Orange Bowl by the tax payers of Miami, that probably includes you.

But I agree with you that Florida International's football program only exists in relation to UM and that you should all obsess over UM rather than supporting your own team.

BTW, I was at the last game at the Orange Bowl and Florida International wasn't involved.

Dan Marino was the starting QB, Canes vs. Dolphins.


So the all mighty school "the U" could not afford to make renovations or make a new stadium? How can u believe such non-sense! Even FIU is building a new stadium, inspired by the Orange Bowl!

Btw I meant the last college football game played at the OB! UM lost 48-0, FIU won! Plus I saw the fight between the two schools & I can clearly tell u it was the U who started it! That is when I started noticing FIU and began learning about this young and upcoming team. The U forgot what made the U special, and I will make them remember!!! Long live my beloved Orange Bowl!! My sanctuary and place of comfort for years!! They will pay for not listening to me!! The OB curse continues!!

Quote OBabalawo nevermore...

Again, learn the facts, UM is a tiny private school with 10,000 undergrads.

FIU is a public school with 32,000 undergrads and is funded by state tax dollars.

And you're wrong about the brawl, bowing to the crowd is not over the line, slamming a kicker to the ground certainly is.

But I agree with you that Florida International's football program only exists in relation to UM and that you should all obsess over UM rather than supporting your own team.

Posted by: Buc Nasty | September 22, 2011 at 08:49 AM

I thoroughly laughed out loud when I read this. Like belly laughed. Not kidding.

I'm wondering about the student turnout/where they will put them and if there is a real plan or if the plan is to contain them until that becomes impossible. My section, 111, became the student section. I don't really mind it, but it seemed poorly executed. We need to execute better!

Buc, and it'll only get better by the end of the decade. 60,000 combined students, compared to a relatively scUMmy 12,000 in Coral Gables.


Suppose we all have our own definitions of "better" don't we?

Why so relatively few students at the games by the way? Do they not get in free? Do they have to pay for parking? The student section is the best thing FIU has going for it in terms of game atmosphere, they should be doing everything they can to get kids out there.

Haaaaaaa, Buc Nasty is still writing in the FIU blog. I feel sorry for you and your team. You have to be nervous about what is going on, if you were not you would not be in this blog. Please man, get a life and stick to your own team. You obviously are following FIU, we have some good players. If we were to play UM, it would be a very interesting game. Besides Sam Miller, and Ray Ray your players are not that good.

Get ready for the probation. I say 5 years 10 scholarships a year. That is 10 players that will consider FIU thanks to UM. After the 5 years are gone, UM will be like Notre Dame. You guys are not winning anything, Buc Nasty; get a grip on reality.

You're right, Sam is overrated, but I think Hal will surprise some people at the next level.

I'm a UM alum and a Miami sports fan, I try to follow Florida International despite folks like yourself.

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