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Getting a Line on Things...

Watching Law & Order: SVU as a break from truTV and endless college-affiliated football (but, of course, NOT Louisville-Murray State, which Knucklehead Me forgot to DVR) when I began to wonder: what's the best TV theme song written for a dramatic or comedy series?

Not a song already written plucked from past hit charts (Bosom Buddies, The Golden Girls) or obscurity (The Wire, The Sopranos). But a theme song written for that TV show or the movie from which that show was derived. Law & Order? Mission: Impossible? M*A*S*H? Mary Tyler Moore? While you ponder your opinions on that (or not), how about your opinions on...

1. Rick Sanchez's performance Thursday night? I heard none of it. I presume some of you did. You don't have to be kind, just civil, but remember he's playing a road game compared to what he's used to doing.

2. Public Address announcer Mike Biamonte? Now, Mike, I heard -- he sits directly behind me in the press box. I never heard my longtime Herald compadre Roman Garcia on the PA, so I have no point of comparison and, besides, I want to hear your opinion. 

3. The Friday Sports Festival? A home women's soccer match against Florida Gulf Coast starts at 6:30, the same time as a home volleyball match against Tulane. Men's soccer completes the fubol doubleheader against Stetson at 8:30. All of that fights for attention with the football team at Louisville on ESPN at 7. Is that too many sports happening at once, causing the diverse sports fan to wish he had Triplicate Girl powers? Is that too many sports all getting overshadowed by running up against what everyone could tell would be a huge football game?

Speaking of that game, has anybody watched the line? Nobody's seen a line move that fast since Studio 54. According to http://www.vegasinsider.com, Louisville opened a nine-point favorite. Bettors must have jumped on FIU like Dirk Diggler, because across the board in sports books on and off shore, the line dropped to Louisville by four. Sportsbetting.com has Louisville by 4.5. Everybody apparently needs Louisville action.

Capperspicks.com won't help in that regard, picking FIU 28-17. Gambler's Palace Blog, connected to sportsbettingtweets.com, picks FIU but doesn't give a score.

So, let me know what you think. Back to Benson (not the butler on his way to state budget director) and Stabler (not Ken)...




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