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Getting a Line on Things...

Watching Law & Order: SVU as a break from truTV and endless college-affiliated football (but, of course, NOT Louisville-Murray State, which Knucklehead Me forgot to DVR) when I began to wonder: what's the best TV theme song written for a dramatic or comedy series?

Not a song already written plucked from past hit charts (Bosom Buddies, The Golden Girls) or obscurity (The Wire, The Sopranos). But a theme song written for that TV show or the movie from which that show was derived. Law & Order? Mission: Impossible? M*A*S*H? Mary Tyler Moore? While you ponder your opinions on that (or not), how about your opinions on...

1. Rick Sanchez's performance Thursday night? I heard none of it. I presume some of you did. You don't have to be kind, just civil, but remember he's playing a road game compared to what he's used to doing.

2. Public Address announcer Mike Biamonte? Now, Mike, I heard -- he sits directly behind me in the press box. I never heard my longtime Herald compadre Roman Garcia on the PA, so I have no point of comparison and, besides, I want to hear your opinion. 

3. The Friday Sports Festival? A home women's soccer match against Florida Gulf Coast starts at 6:30, the same time as a home volleyball match against Tulane. Men's soccer completes the fubol doubleheader against Stetson at 8:30. All of that fights for attention with the football team at Louisville on ESPN at 7. Is that too many sports happening at once, causing the diverse sports fan to wish he had Triplicate Girl powers? Is that too many sports all getting overshadowed by running up against what everyone could tell would be a huge football game?

Speaking of that game, has anybody watched the line? Nobody's seen a line move that fast since Studio 54. According to http://www.vegasinsider.com, Louisville opened a nine-point favorite. Bettors must have jumped on FIU like Dirk Diggler, because across the board in sports books on and off shore, the line dropped to Louisville by four. Sportsbetting.com has Louisville by 4.5. Everybody apparently needs Louisville action.

Capperspicks.com won't help in that regard, picking FIU 28-17. Gambler's Palace Blog, connected to sportsbettingtweets.com, picks FIU but doesn't give a score.

So, let me know what you think. Back to Benson (not the butler on his way to state budget director) and Stabler (not Ken)...




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Rick is charasmatic and his play-by-play booth partner is professional grade. Rick's enthusiasm for FIU appears authentic and his ability to articulate and entertain are as strong as ever. So far, so good.

As for M. Biamonte, he's also professional grade. We love to have him back in the FIU Family in a formal fashion. Most of the folks I surveyed did not love his "F - I - uuuuUUUUU!" call. We understand it's only been one game. We believe that if you're gonna play with the university letters, emphasize the "I", not the U. The "I" is ours and ownable. We'd like to see M.B. give it new spin. Other than that, he was freakin' awesome.

All things FIU across the board, to include the caliber of its Miami Herald coverage, is trending up.


i did not hear uncle ricky as some did. no comment but heard he did a very decent job.

love having mike b. As gpantera stated, he should emphasize on the "I" more tone just a higher tone on the "U"

love having mike b. As gpantera stated, he should emphasize on the "I" more AND just a higher tone on the "U"

---still too early to type

Emphasize the "I" and finish with a high to low Uuuuu! Like in the song "Crank That".

The "I" goes Fiu's long & ongoing marketing campaign:
"I am FIU!"

Btw, I am FIU

David -

The UL vs Murray State game is available on ESPN3 replay. ESPN will archive every game they broadcast for the entire year and off-season.

If you are Charlie Strong, you sure hope the 2nd half Cardinals don't show up against FIU.

24 hrs to go until my PANTHER POSSE heads to Louisville, KY.

Louisville-Murray State game was on ESPN replay. Louisville is a more explosive Rutgers. Their Defense will be tough, However I think I defense will hold up against them as well. To win this game will will need a play on ST or win the turnover battle. Will be close

Can't beat Rick's passion. That's the most important part of a color guy's job in my book.

Mike B. was great. I'm actually ok with the Uuuuu, but maybe de-emphasize the tone of the Uuuuu so that it doesn't sound like the scUM across town.

On Louisville, our players better not be believing their own hype or else L'ville is going to smack them in the mouth in front of a national audience. Respect is earned, not written.

Louisville? Please!

We're going to destroy them, there's no way they'll be able to match our speed!

Rick was great! I love the Hay Dios Mio reference. Good luck against Louisville on Friday. I don't think you will destroy them by any stretch of the imagination, but I hope you win. The Belt needs some love!

I think the I will sound better as well. That UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU was not appropriate. I vote for "I".



Any news on when Isiah will complete his staff? The associate coach left over 3 months ago!


Would it be possible to get a story on some of the new kids on Isiah's team, particularly local PG Deric Hill? Thanks.

I also vote for the F IIIIIIIIII U version of Mike B's line.

Sanchez was real good, knowledgeable and had a lot of energy. A bit of a FIU homer, ("Best play I've seen all season"????? opening day of the season?) lol, but I expect he will tone that down a bit.

I think FIU needs to start coordinating the program schedules so we don't have clashes like this for big games. They should have move these other games to Thursday or Saturday so they at least have a chance of attracting a crowd by not competing with football.

Last year when we had the basketball game after the football game was good (the start time for the BB game could have been closer to the end of the FB game tho).

I must say congratulations on FIU football becoming the SunBelt Champs and reaching a bowl. Ever since my beloved Orange Bowl was demolished, I've been angry at the U and the people who made that decision. The OB was my comfort & place of pride. The U lost several games at the OB in its final year and forgot its legacy. I felt disrespected, hurt, and angry that the decision was made to demolish it in favor of a "Pro" stadium. Well I just want to say thanks to FIU football for winning its last game at the OB and letting it die with pride. FIU understood what the OB meant for Miami, obviously the U didn't. I have ever since cursed the U...They will never win another championship unless my demands are met. Anyway, I saw what happened the day of the U and FIU fight and it was truly distasteful. The U was picking on the lil guy and bullying them. Taunting them throughout the game. It was disgraceful! After I saw FIU win the last game at the OB, I realized they understood the importance of the OB. After that I learned FIU would be constructing a football stadium modeled after the OB. The FIU AD understood how special the OB was & that a "pro" stadium was not the answer. I will finish off here by saying thank you FIU for respecting the OB in its final game. FIU will continue to rise...The U will continue to lose. I have tried reaching out to President Shalala and their AD and they gave me no other choice but to curse them. The only way they will ever beat the curse is if and when they play FIU @FIU stadium. That way they will see @FIU stadium, what made the OB so special. Thats when I will get my revenge. Until they keep ignoring me and calling me crazy, I will continue the curse. Oh and just for kicks, I made they're coach become Al "Golden". Until they play the Golden Panthers, they will not be very Golden at all. Hahahaaaaa. Long live the memory of my beloved OB. FIU Stadium will become the new OB. Thank you FIU...

Posted by: Babalawo | December 14, 2010 at 04:30 PM

Never forget my beloved Orange Bowl! From Miami Orange Bowl wikipedia:

Despite some protests, the historic stadium had been earmarked for demolition when the University of Miami announced that they were moving out of the Orange Bowl after the 2007 season to begin play at Sun Life Stadium in 2008 in a 25-year deal.[7] On November 10, 2007, the University of Miami Hurricanes lost their final game at the Orange Bowl when the Virginia Cavaliers defeated Miami 48-0 in the Hurricanes worst home shutout loss in school history.[8]
The FIU Golden Panthers won their last game at the Orange Bowl against the North Texas Mean Green on December 1, 2007 by a score of 38-19, snapping a 23-game losing streak that many attributed to the consequences of suspensions following the UM-FIU brawl the year before. Since the Golden Panthers had been using the Orange Bowl as their home field during the construction of FIU Stadium this win allows the FIU team to boast that it was they who officially closed the Orange Bowl's college football career with a home win.

Quote Babalawo nevermore....

FIU should be able to beat Louisville as long as there are no silly mistakes. I have a feeling Hilton will have career type numbers in this game.


Posted by: FIURage | September 07, 2011 at 02:08 PM


This sounds like a sneeze. Not feeling it.

Agree with all that the FIUUUU just didn't sound right. Also agree that FIIIIIIIU doesn't quite hit it either.

Maybe something with the Golden Panthers (or just panthers). Can we PLEASE get some "two minutes, dos minutos"?!

1. The new radio team is alright. I understand it was only the first game and the team needs to hit it's stride. Of course, Rick's invoking the names of Marino and Griese to illustrate how Carroll should play the game had me rolling my eyes. Really Dolfans, those days are gone. Get over it.
2. As for M.B. in the booth, not bad when I could hear him. He has a more polished sound, but he also has a lower voice than R.G. and it doesn't carry as well when the crowd gets rocking. And we were rocking Thursday. It may just need a turn of the dial and we're good.
3. I'm just amazed you know who Triplicate Girl is. Long live the Golden Panthers.

I believe FIU wins by 10 points .. Final score 31-21.

I saw the Murray State game live. Louisville's offense was anemic. They struggled to throw the ball against a 6-5 Murray State team from the FBS (Division 2). Their run game was OK at best.

Louisville's QB is 5'9' and hurt his ankle as well. He's the "heart and soul" of the team, but he's no Doug Flutie. Their other QB, former UM commit, Teddy Bridgewater had one pass, an interception.

If we manage to hunker down on defense and control the trenches we'll come out victorious.

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