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What Would Camp Say? What Does Vegas Say?

 Walter Camp coached at Yale and Stanford as American football took form in the late 1800s. Camp helped give it that form, creating many of the basic rules still used.

Camp would've looked at Friday's FIU win against Louisville and wondered why the young man taking hte snap from center was called the quarterback. And what the heck was the quarterback occasionally doing throwing the ball forward? And who is that No. 4 in white and can we get him to transfer to Yale before Harvard finds out about him?

T.Y. Hilton's school record 201 yards receiving, two touchdown catches and 268 all-purpose yards got him named The Walter Camp Foundation's National Player of the Week Sunday. 

Last week, the bettors knew what they were doing. Sportsbooks place the opening line on how they think the game will play out and how they think bettors think the game will play out. They move the line based on how the bettors actually lay money, not on whether or not they change the sportsbook heads change their analysis. So, when Louisville opened as nine-point favorites and steadily dropped to 3.5 by game time, it said serious college football gamblers -- neither school has enough of a national following to draw any other wagerers early in the week -- were loving them some FIU all week. On that game, the books took a hit.

This week, Central Florida opened a five-point favorite, according to Vegasinsider.com. It's already down to 3.5 at the Wynn. The offshore boys, Sportsbook.com, The Greek and BetOnline, have UCF as four-point faves.


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ucf will destroy fiu...mark it down

^^^ Yes sir, marking it down right now. Thankfully the outcome is not determined on the field, it's determined right here on the internet by you, dan.


Let's make it 3 in a row, Panthers! Go FIU!!

These guys that hate FIU are funny.

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." - Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

I wonder if that school to the east of us is starting to feel the same way.......

who cares about that umdcc..they are bout to ge rolled by the buckeyes

It speaks to your intelligence that the best insult you can come up with is to parrot back an insult you heard made towards FIU, and especially one that doesn't even make any sense given the academic standing of Miami.

With all the FL stars between FIU and UCF this will be a showing for our community and prove that FL highschool football is the best in the country.

That FIU, UCF, USF are real options. This community can fill the rosters of 6 D-1 schools and one JUCO (FAU).

With 70%the student enrollment from south Florida the real university of Miami will stay undefeated ..... Go panthers.

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