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Men's Hoop Schedule Out.

One piece of football news: look for Jeremiah Harden to get more carries this week than the four he had against Louisville (for a, sadly, team leading 19 yards) and what he had against North Texas. Kedrick Rhodes and Darriet Perry have been the top two backs so far, in deployment. 

Also, showing how out of it I've been this week (not bringing it strong for the big game, am I?)  Pembroke Pines WR Jeremy Smith verbally committed to FIU over the weekend.

FIU announced the remainder of the men's basketball schedule Monday. 

You already knew about the Dick's Sporting Goods NIT Season Tip Off games against George Mason Nov. 14 and either Monmouth or Virginia Tech Nov. 15. Coastal Carolina's the guest for the home opener, Nov. 26, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you're looking for the sexy home game in the non-conference schedule, well, hey, some people out there search for Sasquatch. The home opener's about as sexy as it gets.

FIU plays Maryland at College Park Dec. 14 after two games in the Lumberjack E-tech Classic, Dec. 10 and 11 against Texas Wesleyan and tournament host Stephen F. Austin, respectively. Stephen F. Austin? Sasquatch? For men of a certain age, that can only mean....


 FIU starts conference play at Middle Tennessee State Dec. 29 and Western Kentucky, Dec. 31. New Year's Eve in Bowling Green, Kentucky. And you thought being a college athlete meant never touching a circle of Hades.

The home conference schedule opens Jan. 7, against Louisiana-Monroe. The home-and-home with Florida Atlantic is Jan. 21 (down here) and Feb. 4 (up there). The Sun Belt tournament's in Hot Springs, Arkansas Mar. 3-6.

Whatever reason given for FIU and the University of Miami not playing each other isn't good enough. By attendance and television ratings, South Florida is the most apathetic large-sized media market toward college basketball. So do the two Division I teams south of the Broward-Palm Beach line face each other to help the situation, for at least a week or a few days? Stop making sense.



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Miami fans don't care about basketball and Florida International fans don't care about basketball. Why would either fanbase care if the two teams played? It would just end with Isaiah Thomas brawling with someone.

More would care if they played each other.

The a-to-the-holes on this blog and website who battle each other each and every day would care, tune in, buy tickets.

They're leaving $$$ on the table. Agreed DJN.

Whenever FIU and UM play any sport of the major sports they usually have a better than average turnout, it's kind of silly the two schools don't play anymore.

UM is too superior to play FIU! Never!

All about the U!!

UM is too superior to play FIU! Never!

All about the U!!

Posted by: The U L3GACY | September 14, 2011 at 01:05 AM

***Could be the single dumbest comment I have ever seen from someone that probably struggled to graduate from high school. scUMbag wanna-be

UM is too superior to play FIU! Never!

All about the U!!

Posted by: The U L3GACY | September 14, 2011 at 01:05 AM

Says the fan of a winless team.

LOL, Golden wants Joke-ory to go out and "play his game". So he wants 2 or 3 picks, what a joke. 0 - 2 start to the Golden era, but we still love you coach.


Beat UCF !!!!!

3-0 BABY !!!!!

Looks like FIU is finally better than Miami, dare I say SunBelt champions and Fiesta Bowl bound????

Lets not get ahead of our self. I would love to see FIU in the Fiesta Bowl but that is a few years away. And right now we can't think Sunbelt Champs, we have enough on our plate with UCF coming to town.

I have a feeling the game will not be sold out but should be over 18K people at the Den. We are officially 74hours away and counting..


In a few years we'll be winning consecutive national championships and won't care about the Fiesta Bowl!!!

Go Panthers!!

Lets go FIU Baby!! Isiah's team gonna do it this year. Even if people trying to sabotage his recruiting. That team is gonna be WAY better. Taylor and Ferguson gonna take over!!!

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