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The IT Staff Complete With Adubato Hiring

Men's basketball coach Isiah Thomas will hire Scott Adubato to complete his staff of assistant coaches. The paperwork should be completed officially this week. Adubato, whose recruiting ties are strongest in the New York/New Jersey area was most recently an assistant at Manhattan for one season. He's also been an assistant in the NBA with Memphis and spent three seasons as a Seton Hall assistant under Bobby Gonzalez. Look for Adubato, son of former Orlando Magic assistant Richie Adubato, to boost FIU's quality of recruiting.

Yes, A'mare Stoudemire's been working out at FIU in Sunblazer/Golden Panther/Pharmed/US Century Bank Arena. No, Thomas hasn't been there. Not yesterday, not today. Today, while Amare worked out, Thomas listened to me talk to the basketball team about media, social media, the impression you can give through each and how that impression can follow you...forever.

As they used to say way back in the day, T.Y. Hilton's been getting more phone calls this week than a girl with a bad reputation. The FIU media relations staff has fielded not only the normal media requests (me, FIU Student Media), but electronic South Florida media. Sports Illustrated, USA Today and other national media.


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I can't help but laugh. When I read the title of this post I thought FIU athletics had job openings in their Information Technology division. I actually got excited.

Canes or Fins, same sorry product on the field. What an embarrassment. At least we have FIU, the only winning team in Miami right now.

School them boys DJN. Some of the things they tweet brings hand to forehead.

Great job Professor Neal, that is very important for the players to represent the university, their families and themselves at the highest possible level.

Let them tweet.

David, I work at FIU. If and when you give another one of those talks, can I go and listen in? I'd be interested in the material, honestly.

Nothingxs, I would if it were public in any way. But it's a totally off-the-record, just-us-here talk. For a few years, I spoke to the athletes in the Dade-Broward All-Star Football Game about the same thing, but that was before Twitter and Facebook made it possible for the least considered thought to be broadcast to the world.

Good Luck v. UCF....you'll need it.

David, where'd you go?

Hey Quijote, have you realized yet what a dumbass you were for thumping your chest over FIU and UM's television coverage?

"How about writing how ESPN is going to cover FOUR FIU football games and only two UM games this year?"

ESPN Family of Networks is only covering 2 UM games. 3 for FIU. He wasn't that far off.

Actually, you're right Buc. UM has three. I stand corrected.

Well I guess you don't get it either.

TBD doesn't mean the games aren't being covered, it means that it's a game people might want to see so they aren't going to decide where to show it until the week before.

I mean UM-FSU games are 3 of the top 5 viewed events ever shown on ABC/ESPN sports - do you really think that isn't going to be at least on ESPN2?

What he said - almost all UM's games will be televised on ESPN.

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