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Football recruiting, soccer winning, volleyball, well...

Saturday's loss to Duke didn't hurt recruiting. FIU's engaged to be engaged to a couple of more prospects.

Lemarq Caldwell, a 6-0, 210-pound Tampa Bay Tech High running back making his visit this weekend, verbally committed to FIU Sunday, according to sources around the Mitch Madique Campus. Caldwell's a power back as well as the kind of taller, heavier durable back that FIU would like to add.

Sources around Camp Mitch confirmed that Tampa Jefferson wide receiver Adrian Jenkins also has committed verbally to FIU. Jenkins is 6-3, 195 who looks like a possession receiver among the class of pass catchers the Panthers have coming.

Interesting stat: With Wesley Carroll at quarterback, FIU has 9 touchdown plays of 15 yards or longer, 3 touchdown plays shorter than 15 yards and 3 field goals shorter than 32 yards.

So when FIU snaps the ball inside the opposing 15-yard line with Carroll at quarterback, they're as likely to get a field goal as a touchdown.


Freshman Roberto de Sousa's goal with 33 seconds left in the first overtime pushed FIU over No. 21 Kentucky 1-0 and pushed FIU (4-4-2, 1-1) back up to .500 Sunday afternoon.

Following de Sousa's heroics, another freshman, Ashleigh Shim, scored twice to lead the women's soccer team to its fifth consecutive win, 2-0 over South Alabama.


Defending Sun Belt champion Middle Tennessee State walked into U.S. Century Bank Arena, spanked FIU 3-0 (25-20, 25-12, 25-18). This left FIU (10-5, 2-2) 0-2 on the weekend, 0-6 in sets against Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee. Jovana Bjelica had a team-high 10 kills. Judging from following this match on Twitter, you took about as long to read this summary as long it took Middle Tennessee to wax FIU Sunday. Must have been angry over having to miss church.


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Stop calling it Camp Mitch. Have some respect.

FIU recruits? I thought everyone was a walk-on there. Isn't this like intramurals? I mean really, who are all these people and why aren't you canes fans?

Your stadium is a joke. Your football program is a joke. There are high school stadiums bigger than yours. The Canes play in a NFL stadium.

Stop posing.

The stadium is being expanded. UM's stadium plays in a stadium 30 miles away, who cares if it's smaller I'll take FIU's stadium on-campus over that lifeless stadium. At joe robbie-pro player-landshark-celebrity stadium, the seats are much further from the field and it destroys the atmosphere. Most people that are FIU fans are FIU students/alumni. Why do you feel the need to instigate on the FIU blog when UM has it's own problems? That would be the more appropriate question. I dislike trolling from both sides.

I thought it was campus "Modest" Madiqiue. lol Everyone liked University Park better, I understand he helped build the University but it's a difficult name to say every time your referring to the campus. Now people usually refer to it as FIU south. I don't understand University presidents nationwide obsessions with naming things after themselves or building statues. I personally prefer a song.

We just beat a team by 31. You lost to Duke.


Wow... haters gonna hate.

Can anyone help this ballin troll, AKA GREEN/UMIKE/UMCANES/Disgruntled EX-FIU Employee

We just beat a team by 31. You lost to Duke.


Posted by: BALLER CANE | October 03, 2011 at 08:46 AM


You beat a Div 2 school by 31, barely beating them in the 3rd quarter, and all 1,217 fans of yours at Sun Lifeless stadium were booing your highly mediocre football team. Maybe you should think twice about trolling after that performance.

But I guess that is what duh U is all about now, settling for mediocrity.

I mean really, who are all these people and why aren't you canes fans?

Posted by: BALLER CANE | October 03, 2011 at 03:17 AM


I find this comment the most telling. The insecurity of a typical UM fan posting on an FIU blog on full display.

Man... what happened to the U? Losing to K-State, then playing a nail-biter with Bethune High School, and then coming to talk crap to FIU fans because they can't to UF / FSU / USF fans.....

OUCH, how the once mighty canes have fallen.

Their fall isn't over FIU FPL... soon FIU will better them, and then FAU will do so as well.

UM is folding and turning their attention to academics, realizing the inevitable truth of FIU's power in numbers.

Guys, don't worry about Baller Cane. He has some serious issues. I know a lot of Cane fans and most of them are decent people (just a little misguided). Our friend here is not helping UM's cause so he has my blessing to keep on posting for UM on all sites.

"UM is folding and turning their attention to academics".

Probably won't even bother to field a team next year.

How many more games does FIU have on ESPN than UM this year again Quijote? Have you ever been right about anything?

The coaches need to do a better job in calling plays in the red zone.

Our speedy receivers lose their advantage in short playing areas i.e. RED ZONES.
For some reason Wesley makes poor throws/decisions in hurry situations i.e. RED ZONES.
Our receivers are unproven in situations where they have to go up and get a contested ball i.e. RED ZONES.


RUN THE FREAKING BALLLLLLLL!! We o-line is great and our running backs are even better!! They were dominating and don't give me some line about how they set up to defend the run... you can sweep with Rhodes (speed), you can pound it in with Perry (strength), you can even use TY as a running back.


Painful loss but glad we are still getting the recruits. Was at the game with several friends, and everyone had a great time. By the way, I was at the UM vs. K-State game and enjoyed the tailgating atmosphere at FIU much better.

But can we stop the UM vs. FIU comparisons. Seriously why are some of you acting like testosterone filled 18-year old guys hiding behind a computer screen. You are NO going to change anyone's opinion!! And please don't go to the UM site to instigate. What's the point? To upset hardcore fans of another team?

Look the point is FIU is still well behind UM in recruiting. Clearly FIU is improving, and at an astonishing pace (Exhibit is the Duke game where the stadium was packed). The talent is improving exponentially. But we look like fools when we say that UM is folding or going to disappear. That is not the case and you know it. However, these UM fans on this site are pretty sad characters coming to another team's site to harass. But deep down they know that FIU is making enormous gains on and off the football field yearly. Trust me they know. Its not like they are on the DeVry University site posting the same juvenile comments. And yes UM, every year FIU gets closer and closer in athletics, law, medicine (and we are well ahead in accounting (and business in general), hospitality, and others) and the U can do nothing about that.

In sum, stop the petty playground chatter. Think of it this way, if some loser fan from another school can get the best of you on a computer screen, then you are hopeless in the real world. Go FIU!!


You will never catch us in hospitality and others).

Buc... that's what scUMbags said with law, and now FIU Law has tossed UM Law around like dirty laundry, placing 1st in BAR results three times in the last four years.

suck it.


Saw then game on TV, the cats were more impressive in losing than UM was in beating Bethune HighnSchool. We're in a good position for the long term.

A school with a huge local enrollment, unlike UM, where the majority come from outside the state, and best of all a nice comfy on campus football stadium that is soon to be expanded to a first class facility. Also, we're getting lots of TV exposure, more, than other Sun Belt schools. Can't hurt recruiting.

Then team showed a lot of speed and was fun to watch. Just Need a defense.

FIU is in a good position to be the premier college football team in South Florida, just have to find a way to keep Mario home.

Nice straw man you got there Perrier.

I was just joking, of course FIU is going to pass UM in hospitality.

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