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Pregame FIU-Arkansas State blog coming late night...or tomorrow.

I've had a few days off. I planned to throw up a few blogs during that time as the women's soccer team got a big win, the guys soccer team suffered heartbreak in Dallas against SMU and the volleyball team again got KO'd in straight sets by Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State, but, well, it just didn't work out that way and I decided to use my days off to be...off.

I'm covering Dolphins-Jets tonight and have a 6:30 a.m. flight to start the journey to Jonesboro. This causes me to debate the necessity and practicality of sleep. Don't expect the usual pregame blog or if it's of usual length, it'll exceed the others in incoherence (no mean feat). It might get posted tomorrow morning between flights instead of the usual wee hours the night before the game.

Check out Armando Salguero on the Herald's Dolphins-Jets live blog over at http://miamiherald.typepad.com/DolphinsInDepth.




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Hahahaha, where is "Jonesboro"????

No worries DJN. Just glad you're back.

Nothing like getting ready to go out and drinking a red bull and realizing yep fiu still sucks!

FIWho lose against that other sunbelt sucky team.

Recognize that it is all about the U!

lol... dude above me needs a hug

Nothing like getting ready to go out and drinking a red bull and realizing yep fiu still sucks!

Posted by: FIU kitty kat | October 17, 2011 at 11:38 PM


You should get Netflix and avoid having to wake mommy to drive you to blockbuster. But I guess it's all about duh U right... Do duh U sign out your mommy's car window right now while U reading this!

Actually i was headed to a club. To chill with real hometown heroes from the u. Nobody knows anyone from fiu or who they are. Toast to the big boys of ncaa. Must suck being the poor.

or should i go with this other dumb fiu name i was i always see in the blogs

or maybe this other dumb name i see in the other fiu blog?

Or this other dumb fiu fan name i found:

Actually this must be the dumbest fiu name of all: it equals what fiu is

wait found one even dumber...Gosh fiu fans have the dumbest names

Recognize that it is all about the U!

Why don't u all just become one fan and name yourself this:



All about the U!

My point is that fiu fans are the worst! Okay i will go to sleep now, tired of messing with yall.

"My point is that fiu fans are the worst!"

Yes, you really proved your point with your multi alias postings. lol

DJN, please remove the dumb post from some idiot. Wow, guy definitely has some issues. Would not want to meet a psycho like that posting at 3 a.m. I guess it's better that he is on a computer and not in dUh streets. lol

DJN - whoever runs the UM blog bans IP addresses when people start using other people's screen names. Don't know if you have the power or the inclination, just saying.

Agree with Buc's assessment here, sir.

BTW, Buc Nasty, what are the other name(s) of the ones you use in these boards, since you wrote that the other day?

Also, what happened with your post where you said you had to "double check" to see if you had posted you graduated from Chicago? Why was it deleted/altered if you didn't write anything extraordinarily negative or offensive?

BTW, Go Panthers!

What you talkin bout'.... Willis Write not starting? Kid can play

fortunately for FIU fans you all live in a parallel future universe anyway, where terrible college football teams "inevitably rise" into powers even though they are a bad team in a worse conference at a commuter school that nobody's heard of with an ugly campus out by the everglades.

how awful the football team is every year has nothing to do with your "inevitable rise", don't worry, as soon as UM gets the death penalty all those great players are going to flock to FIU and you can start winning your championships.

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